Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank You Laoshi

I like to thank you, my mandarin Teacher, Mr. Stephen Yong for everything he had thought me. Thank You so much…

Last Thursday was my mandarin class farewell party, the party was fun, everyone attended (sincerely I hope because Laoshi did said he’ll deduct 30 marks for the person won’t attend), the food was okay, people were merry (even tho some of them were busy with school works), the presents were nice and in the end everyone had a good time.


Stephen Laoshi gotta be one of the most unique personality I ever met. He’s 62 years old and he can remember and recognize all his students. He’s dedicated to educate his students not only to learn the language itself but to learn the culture behind the language. I always looked forward going to his class even when he always conduct a weekly test which I dreaded. But whenever mandarin class ended I always get this anticipation to practice and learn more.

I love to hear his stories, not only about the mandarin or Chinese people but his life experience. It’s fascinating for me because I rarely met someone that travels 88 countries. LOL… Anyway, during the party we decided to create a game for Laoshi, it’s not actually a game, more of a Question and Answer session where we’ll ask him anything and he must answer the question (that’s how I know his age and birthday). He wasn’t even annoyed with all the question and we were very surprised that our Laoshi is actually a bachelor. One of the students even had the nerve to asked him why… and he’s answer was simple, “I have lots of friends, I travel too many country, made me forgot about marriage. Now already too late to marry, haha”.

That “haha” is not added on purpose, he really did laugh although the answer might seem a bit sad but I believe Laoshi is happy with his life. He really care about his students and even after we “graduated” from his class he still want to keep in touch with us. Even tell us to invite him to our wedding and said, “ If I cannot attend, I’ll send RM100 as a gift”. He is a unique fellow indeed, most lecturers/teachers I met never really care for students.


My favorite stories of his, was about him doing his first degree. He always start his stories abruptly during lesson, this story was about his 1st degree. He told us, he was studying to be a doctor but got traumatize by the dead bodies. As a medical student (in the old days) he always got night shift to do a post mortem at the hospital’s morgue, the image of the dead bodies will haunt him every time he close his eyes. The university admin eventually decided he’s not suitable to be a doctor and suggest him to switch to another degree. He picked Chinese literature and since then been teaching people all around the world mandarin.


If you look carefully in this picture you’ll see a ghostlike image. Do not fear, that is just me jumping up and down. I forgot that my camera is not a DSLR.

We gave Laoshi a bag pack which quite practical for him (I guess) for carrying books and papers.


The party include a gift exchange event (which the purpose I go through all trouble to wrapped a present).


I got a present from this guy. Hoho, even though he wrapped it with newspaper (even more tidier than mine), I like the present very very much! He gave me a rabbit picture frame, a very cute rabbit!


I gave mine to one of my course mate. He’s a funny guy and always try to irritate me. Just before the party end, he said to Laoshi that he’ll hooked us up, if Laoshi was years younger. Too bad I was too cheerful to be annoyed. HAHA


We also bought a chocolate cake for the party.


They purposely didn’t remove the birthday sign. It’s kinda like a joke, I guess… Although I don’t see the point of the joke.


A more formal class picture. Notice the girls in red and the boys in white. LOL, although one guy didn’t get the note, he went to the party wearing red. The guys keep teasing him to sit in the front with the girls.

As I said, all end well. Laoshi end the party with an brief farewell speech and bid us goodbye and goodluck for our final.

It’s sad that next semester I won’t be meeting Laoshi and he may be in another country next year. But I will never forget Laoshi…

xie xie nin, Laoshi.


Everyone can teach but it takes a great teacher to inspire.


On other note:

I almost lost all this pictures! My laptop accidently PERMANENTLY deleted those pictures. Thank Gawd!!! For software recovery. I tried most of them but they either cannot find the files or gotta pay to recover.

So happy finally found a good FREE software, try “restoration” if you’re having the same shitty problem.  


taragang_saru said...

your laoshi sounds like a great person indeed.too bad i never got the chance to attend his sem pun mandarin nada sdh :(

SuicideCandy said...

he is indeed. =)... ya, xda suda mandarin, sedih tp relief juga la... hoho...

Bee said...

I've heard so many good things about Yong Laoshi. All his students have fond memories of how he made them sing the Mandarin songs before he began his lectures. I was lucky enough to have him as a substitute laoshi once ... he seemed like a very nice person.

My laoshi was the other Yong. He was also a great laoshi. I've always been blessed with great language teachers ever since I was little. I think, maybe it was just not my LUCK. Maybe the people who chose study and teach languages are generally good and inspiring people...

Sorry, I am babbling.

Fifah said...

i rili miss stephen yong lao shi... im graduated in 2010.. but the last time i saw him is around july 2011.. every CNY i will pay a visit 2 his office.. n i will receive hong bao (rm10)from him.. in class, he only give rm2.. but if u still keep in touch wif him, he will give u extra.. kikiki.. actually im keeping in touch wif him not bcoz of hong bao.. but he was a great teacher dat i ever known.. 4 suicide candy: may i know his birthday? pleaseeee.... tq...

SuicideCandy said...

Hi, fifah... Yes, Stephen Yong Lao shi is one very memorable teacher. I feel bad about not making an effort to keep in touch with him like you did. :( I'm really sorry but I forgot, his birth date... so i can;t do be much to help. huhu