Thursday, April 22, 2010

NO means NO

This morning (and yesterday) I’ve read some very disturbing headlines. If you’re a digi broadband subscriber then you’ll notice the headlines. Yesterday there’s 3 rape news which is very disturbing and to think that it happen here in Malaysia, made me wonder will something happen much worse than the news that I’ve read.

I know rape is not something we recently heard. I bet some of you even heard someone being rape in around the place you live in. This crime is one of the worst crime ever especially when it leads to one’s death. I can’t understand why some people have no respect in one’s life and treat them so badly without no regard how their action will affect on one’s life.

A few question I would like to ask a rapist…

Why must You abuse someone’s life?

How could You do something Like that?

     What makes You do something so disgusting?

How could You let someone suffer?

How can You live Your life knowing You’ve made someone life miserable?

Do You think it’s fun to abuse someone not just physically but mentally as well?

ARGHHHH!!!! I AM SO FUCKING PISSED OFF!!! I wish for the worst for all rapist because you don’t deserve to live. You don’t deserve to live among human being, you don’t deserve to be happy. You don’t deserve to even to be alive.

One of the worst rape story I ever heard is about Junko Furuta, I don’t know how someone could last through such ordeal for 44 days. When I first read the story I cried, it sadden me to a level that made me fear that something like that could happen to me or someone I know. If you really interested about Junko Furuta just click this link, or search a group dedicated for her in facebook. You’ll be shock to read about her ordeal and how her murderers only get 8 years in juvenile prison.    

Here’s the -->link<—the headlines is PENCIL FOUND IN RAPE VICTIM, it’s the continuation from ORPHAN RAPE BY CLASSMATE.

As a women I fear my own safety right now. We never know a normal routine day could turn into a nightmare.

If anyone want to comment, please do not blame the victim by saying, the victim intentionally lure the rapist, eg; her so called “sexy” clothes. That is just wrong even someone as old as 60 been known to be a rape victim.


Lord save our world.

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