Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My preteen romance

The other day, while driving home, I heard one of my (used to be) favorite song on the radio. It was “when the lights go off” by 5ive. That started a conversation between Ed and I, how I used to idolize 5ive, Spice Girls but not backstreetboys. LOL… Then he started teasing me and all but I was 12 back then and 1998 was the year of girl/boy band. Almost all the people I knew back then was obsess with a girl/boyband. 

For the Spice girls fanatic back then I bet you’ll portrayed yourself as them. Yep, guilty as charge I was one of them. I was “Posh Spice” because I rarely smile, my bff Dida was “Baby Spice” because she’s the cute one, Physter as “Sporty Spice” because she’s good in sports and “Ginger Spice” was either Bebe or Dyg both of them wanted to be her and no one ever wanted to be “Scary Spice” because she look too weird most of the time and our 12 year old brain wouldn’t accept that. Which is a pity, she’s hotter than ginger spice in my opinion.         

Spice Girls

So 1998 I was posh spice and in love with one of the boys from 5ive. Guess who?

Not the pretty boy which everyone obsess back then (Scott), it was that guy the one wearing the flannel shirt. I forgot his name though but do not worry through the power of wikipedia I manage to get his name, it’s Abs =).  I bought all of their cassette album which is only 2 of them. 
Remember cassette? 


This square tapes used to be the only source for me to get music because CD was damn expensive. I think I can safely assume that my cassette collection is almost 100 and that cost me about RM1990… OMFG!!!! I would be fucking RM1990 richer now if I didn’t spend it on that. grrr… Thank gawd after my boyband phase the music I like cost a bit cheaper. If you ever bought a Rancid album then you’ll know the difference.

So kids nowadays be grateful that you can get your music FREE! Damn you lucky bastards, you can get fucking Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus's song for FREE. 

I love FREE stuff. who doesn't?