Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here comes the substitute parent

Yesterday was my brother annual kindergarten sports (next year he’ll be in primary 1) and as usual both of my parents are busy with work so guess who get to be the nanny/supporter/driver/photographer of my 6 year old brother?

ME! =)

Yep… that is part time job, to be THE SUBSTITUTE. Kind of reminds me of the cartoon in Disney but I don’t have extra power or special in any way at all. Just a normal 24 year old that’s still live on allowance from my parents.

Since my brother started school 3 years ago, I never fail to attend almost all his school’s event. Just last week, he and I participate with the Adventure Walk… We finish 1st but didn’t win. But at least we have fun, running around in rain.

So yesterday I finally Officially became the Substitute Parent when TENGTENGTENG!!!  I participate in a parents-children sports. I can’t say that I volunteer it, my brother drag me… Next thing I was blind folded and my brother is my guide. I was not only blind but fooled as well because I thought it was gonna be some obstacle race with boxes put in front of us and that triangle thingy. Turns out all of that are remove and all I gotta do is walk straight. LOL


Here’s a photo on the adventure walk event. I should took more photos but too damn busy and excited as well doing the race. My brother was so excited that day that he call me 3 times to rush me.


Mummy dearest and the 2nd runner up for running. LOL… My mum did manage to attend yesterday. Which is a relief because I totally dunno what to say to other parents.

Huhuhu… I am so proud of my little brother that day, thank gawd he didn’t cried or complain about anything. Even took him to 1borneo for lunch and let him beat me in Tekken FOR REAL… I suck in that game anyway… LOL…

Okay… enuff ramblings… gotta go finish some unfinished business.


Can’t wait for the holidays, wish me luck for my finals. =)… please… I really need luck at time like this.