Thursday, April 15, 2010

Give me a gift.

I am so proud of myself right now, as if I'm receiving a standing ovation from 100,000 people. 
Yes... I am damn proud of it, my 1st gift wrapping creation! without any help from my mum/ my sister/ my aunt/ my cousin/ my friends and even my boyfriend. 

and all thanks to this clip from Youtube; 

Before this clip, I am like a monkey when it comes to wrapping a present. However nice the present inside would be, I can make that look so ugly, you wouldn't believe that in it is a RM200 perfume.
And I am not kidding, 2008's Christmas (my family has an annually gift exchange tradition), I almost cried wrapping a gift and the wrapper was butchered in an inhuman way. 
I never participate in any gift wrapping, that task is always done my my sister and mum. 

Therefore, I thank the internet, for I believe I could not live without it no more.

and here's my very first gift that I wrapped without crying for help from anyone.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Dexter's laboratory laugh). 
and I deserve a cookie for it... 

Christmas presents here I come!


Rungitom said...

I tip my invisible hat for you lady, cool! you're doing it great.

SuicideCandy said...

miahahaha... terima kasih!