Friday, April 16, 2010

Being mind control by Lady Gaga

I stumble through an article which describes Lady Gaga as an Illuminati Puppet. 
Which is rather scary and intriguing as well. To be honest before this article I don't really pay attention about this mind control thing, to me it's just another form of human imaginations that got rather popularize by movies, music etc... I don't even believe in hypnotist stuff, the staring to a moving clock thing, a big bullshit in my opinion.      

The articles states that Lady Gaga's whole persona is a tribute to mind control.
and it was quite obvious too (come to think of it), Lady Gaga is always seen with one of her eyes covered or using her finger to hide (usually) her left eye which symbolize the "All seeing Eye"

Here's a --->link<--- for more information about the symbol.

Seems like almost all Lady Gaga's music video shows reference to mind control. 
The site has another article about the hidden meaning of Lady Gaga's Telephone music video.

I am still quite shocked that I didn't realize this before. Lady Gaga is just another talented artist to me, I don't really care about her appearance and fashion sense that always seems to be in the worst dress list. Her songs is more meaningful to me that all that.
So whether I am being mind control or not by Lady Gaga (or Lady Gaga being mind control whatsoever)... I don't really fucking care. 

I wanna know what's your opinion about this =)

My mind might already be control because I am suppose to be studying mechanic's of solid but got side track by this. 

P/s: click on those link for more information.


♥BelLa Ace♥ said...

My.. I think my Sis is mind controlled by lady gaga.. she'e oD acting like her..weirdo2..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

initially when i read it, everything seems to fall into its place...then the more i read, the more i think the author is just thinking too much. like, way too much. he really needs to get a life. and have u read about the mtv awards? that show is full of 'symbols' too. hilarious.

Rungitom said...

Just wanna say "Cool story bro!" to the author.

SuicideCandy said...

BellaAce: LOL... dun worry ur sister is not alone, i think i am partially being mind control by her too. LOL

Amanda: LOL... yep the author does thinks too much, hence the name of his site "vigilantcitizen". I haven't read the mtv awards tho...

Tom: LOL, it is an interesting story.