Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My preteen romance

The other day, while driving home, I heard one of my (used to be) favorite song on the radio. It was “when the lights go off” by 5ive. That started a conversation between Ed and I, how I used to idolize 5ive, Spice Girls but not backstreetboys. LOL… Then he started teasing me and all but I was 12 back then and 1998 was the year of girl/boy band. Almost all the people I knew back then was obsess with a girl/boyband. 

For the Spice girls fanatic back then I bet you’ll portrayed yourself as them. Yep, guilty as charge I was one of them. I was “Posh Spice” because I rarely smile, my bff Dida was “Baby Spice” because she’s the cute one, Physter as “Sporty Spice” because she’s good in sports and “Ginger Spice” was either Bebe or Dyg both of them wanted to be her and no one ever wanted to be “Scary Spice” because she look too weird most of the time and our 12 year old brain wouldn’t accept that. Which is a pity, she’s hotter than ginger spice in my opinion.         

Spice Girls

So 1998 I was posh spice and in love with one of the boys from 5ive. Guess who?

Not the pretty boy which everyone obsess back then (Scott), it was that guy the one wearing the flannel shirt. I forgot his name though but do not worry through the power of wikipedia I manage to get his name, it’s Abs =).  I bought all of their cassette album which is only 2 of them. 
Remember cassette? 


This square tapes used to be the only source for me to get music because CD was damn expensive. I think I can safely assume that my cassette collection is almost 100 and that cost me about RM1990… OMFG!!!! I would be fucking RM1990 richer now if I didn’t spend it on that. grrr… Thank gawd after my boyband phase the music I like cost a bit cheaper. If you ever bought a Rancid album then you’ll know the difference.

So kids nowadays be grateful that you can get your music FREE! Damn you lucky bastards, you can get fucking Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus's song for FREE. 

I love FREE stuff. who doesn't?  

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here comes the substitute parent

Yesterday was my brother annual kindergarten sports (next year he’ll be in primary 1) and as usual both of my parents are busy with work so guess who get to be the nanny/supporter/driver/photographer of my 6 year old brother?

ME! =)

Yep… that is part time job, to be THE SUBSTITUTE. Kind of reminds me of the cartoon in Disney but I don’t have extra power or special in any way at all. Just a normal 24 year old that’s still live on allowance from my parents.

Since my brother started school 3 years ago, I never fail to attend almost all his school’s event. Just last week, he and I participate with the Adventure Walk… We finish 1st but didn’t win. But at least we have fun, running around in rain.

So yesterday I finally Officially became the Substitute Parent when TENGTENGTENG!!!  I participate in a parents-children sports. I can’t say that I volunteer it, my brother drag me… Next thing I was blind folded and my brother is my guide. I was not only blind but fooled as well because I thought it was gonna be some obstacle race with boxes put in front of us and that triangle thingy. Turns out all of that are remove and all I gotta do is walk straight. LOL


Here’s a photo on the adventure walk event. I should took more photos but too damn busy and excited as well doing the race. My brother was so excited that day that he call me 3 times to rush me.


Mummy dearest and the 2nd runner up for running. LOL… My mum did manage to attend yesterday. Which is a relief because I totally dunno what to say to other parents.

Huhuhu… I am so proud of my little brother that day, thank gawd he didn’t cried or complain about anything. Even took him to 1borneo for lunch and let him beat me in Tekken FOR REAL… I suck in that game anyway… LOL…

Okay… enuff ramblings… gotta go finish some unfinished business.


Can’t wait for the holidays, wish me luck for my finals. =)… please… I really need luck at time like this.  

Thursday, April 22, 2010

NO means NO

This morning (and yesterday) I’ve read some very disturbing headlines. If you’re a digi broadband subscriber then you’ll notice the headlines. Yesterday there’s 3 rape news which is very disturbing and to think that it happen here in Malaysia, made me wonder will something happen much worse than the news that I’ve read.

I know rape is not something we recently heard. I bet some of you even heard someone being rape in around the place you live in. This crime is one of the worst crime ever especially when it leads to one’s death. I can’t understand why some people have no respect in one’s life and treat them so badly without no regard how their action will affect on one’s life.

A few question I would like to ask a rapist…

Why must You abuse someone’s life?

How could You do something Like that?

     What makes You do something so disgusting?

How could You let someone suffer?

How can You live Your life knowing You’ve made someone life miserable?

Do You think it’s fun to abuse someone not just physically but mentally as well?

ARGHHHH!!!! I AM SO FUCKING PISSED OFF!!! I wish for the worst for all rapist because you don’t deserve to live. You don’t deserve to live among human being, you don’t deserve to be happy. You don’t deserve to even to be alive.

One of the worst rape story I ever heard is about Junko Furuta, I don’t know how someone could last through such ordeal for 44 days. When I first read the story I cried, it sadden me to a level that made me fear that something like that could happen to me or someone I know. If you really interested about Junko Furuta just click this link, or search a group dedicated for her in facebook. You’ll be shock to read about her ordeal and how her murderers only get 8 years in juvenile prison.    

Here’s the -->link<—the headlines is PENCIL FOUND IN RAPE VICTIM, it’s the continuation from ORPHAN RAPE BY CLASSMATE.

As a women I fear my own safety right now. We never know a normal routine day could turn into a nightmare.

If anyone want to comment, please do not blame the victim by saying, the victim intentionally lure the rapist, eg; her so called “sexy” clothes. That is just wrong even someone as old as 60 been known to be a rape victim.


Lord save our world.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank You Laoshi

I like to thank you, my mandarin Teacher, Mr. Stephen Yong for everything he had thought me. Thank You so much…

Last Thursday was my mandarin class farewell party, the party was fun, everyone attended (sincerely I hope because Laoshi did said he’ll deduct 30 marks for the person won’t attend), the food was okay, people were merry (even tho some of them were busy with school works), the presents were nice and in the end everyone had a good time.


Stephen Laoshi gotta be one of the most unique personality I ever met. He’s 62 years old and he can remember and recognize all his students. He’s dedicated to educate his students not only to learn the language itself but to learn the culture behind the language. I always looked forward going to his class even when he always conduct a weekly test which I dreaded. But whenever mandarin class ended I always get this anticipation to practice and learn more.

I love to hear his stories, not only about the mandarin or Chinese people but his life experience. It’s fascinating for me because I rarely met someone that travels 88 countries. LOL… Anyway, during the party we decided to create a game for Laoshi, it’s not actually a game, more of a Question and Answer session where we’ll ask him anything and he must answer the question (that’s how I know his age and birthday). He wasn’t even annoyed with all the question and we were very surprised that our Laoshi is actually a bachelor. One of the students even had the nerve to asked him why… and he’s answer was simple, “I have lots of friends, I travel too many country, made me forgot about marriage. Now already too late to marry, haha”.

That “haha” is not added on purpose, he really did laugh although the answer might seem a bit sad but I believe Laoshi is happy with his life. He really care about his students and even after we “graduated” from his class he still want to keep in touch with us. Even tell us to invite him to our wedding and said, “ If I cannot attend, I’ll send RM100 as a gift”. He is a unique fellow indeed, most lecturers/teachers I met never really care for students.


My favorite stories of his, was about him doing his first degree. He always start his stories abruptly during lesson, this story was about his 1st degree. He told us, he was studying to be a doctor but got traumatize by the dead bodies. As a medical student (in the old days) he always got night shift to do a post mortem at the hospital’s morgue, the image of the dead bodies will haunt him every time he close his eyes. The university admin eventually decided he’s not suitable to be a doctor and suggest him to switch to another degree. He picked Chinese literature and since then been teaching people all around the world mandarin.


If you look carefully in this picture you’ll see a ghostlike image. Do not fear, that is just me jumping up and down. I forgot that my camera is not a DSLR.

We gave Laoshi a bag pack which quite practical for him (I guess) for carrying books and papers.


The party include a gift exchange event (which the purpose I go through all trouble to wrapped a present).


I got a present from this guy. Hoho, even though he wrapped it with newspaper (even more tidier than mine), I like the present very very much! He gave me a rabbit picture frame, a very cute rabbit!


I gave mine to one of my course mate. He’s a funny guy and always try to irritate me. Just before the party end, he said to Laoshi that he’ll hooked us up, if Laoshi was years younger. Too bad I was too cheerful to be annoyed. HAHA


We also bought a chocolate cake for the party.


They purposely didn’t remove the birthday sign. It’s kinda like a joke, I guess… Although I don’t see the point of the joke.


A more formal class picture. Notice the girls in red and the boys in white. LOL, although one guy didn’t get the note, he went to the party wearing red. The guys keep teasing him to sit in the front with the girls.

As I said, all end well. Laoshi end the party with an brief farewell speech and bid us goodbye and goodluck for our final.

It’s sad that next semester I won’t be meeting Laoshi and he may be in another country next year. But I will never forget Laoshi…

xie xie nin, Laoshi.


Everyone can teach but it takes a great teacher to inspire.


On other note:

I almost lost all this pictures! My laptop accidently PERMANENTLY deleted those pictures. Thank Gawd!!! For software recovery. I tried most of them but they either cannot find the files or gotta pay to recover.

So happy finally found a good FREE software, try “restoration” if you’re having the same shitty problem.  

Friday, April 16, 2010

Being mind control by Lady Gaga

I stumble through an article which describes Lady Gaga as an Illuminati Puppet. 
Which is rather scary and intriguing as well. To be honest before this article I don't really pay attention about this mind control thing, to me it's just another form of human imaginations that got rather popularize by movies, music etc... I don't even believe in hypnotist stuff, the staring to a moving clock thing, a big bullshit in my opinion.      

The articles states that Lady Gaga's whole persona is a tribute to mind control.
and it was quite obvious too (come to think of it), Lady Gaga is always seen with one of her eyes covered or using her finger to hide (usually) her left eye which symbolize the "All seeing Eye"

Here's a --->link<--- for more information about the symbol.

Seems like almost all Lady Gaga's music video shows reference to mind control. 
The site has another article about the hidden meaning of Lady Gaga's Telephone music video.

I am still quite shocked that I didn't realize this before. Lady Gaga is just another talented artist to me, I don't really care about her appearance and fashion sense that always seems to be in the worst dress list. Her songs is more meaningful to me that all that.
So whether I am being mind control or not by Lady Gaga (or Lady Gaga being mind control whatsoever)... I don't really fucking care. 

I wanna know what's your opinion about this =)

My mind might already be control because I am suppose to be studying mechanic's of solid but got side track by this. 

P/s: click on those link for more information.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Give me a gift.

I am so proud of myself right now, as if I'm receiving a standing ovation from 100,000 people. 
Yes... I am damn proud of it, my 1st gift wrapping creation! without any help from my mum/ my sister/ my aunt/ my cousin/ my friends and even my boyfriend. 

and all thanks to this clip from Youtube; 

Before this clip, I am like a monkey when it comes to wrapping a present. However nice the present inside would be, I can make that look so ugly, you wouldn't believe that in it is a RM200 perfume.
And I am not kidding, 2008's Christmas (my family has an annually gift exchange tradition), I almost cried wrapping a gift and the wrapper was butchered in an inhuman way. 
I never participate in any gift wrapping, that task is always done my my sister and mum. 

Therefore, I thank the internet, for I believe I could not live without it no more.

and here's my very first gift that I wrapped without crying for help from anyone.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (Dexter's laboratory laugh). 
and I deserve a cookie for it... 

Christmas presents here I come!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I is very very?

I might be going insane because I think stuff animals is edible. 
There's cotton candy inside every stuff animals, it is proven to be edible! 

The first time I tasted my red cat's tail...

and now I'm addicted to it... 

It is like a drug and all I want is more. 
more, more, more, more, more... 

That's it I'm going to rehab!
or maybe some self help book... 
Better yet, pretend that I have no problem and go on with life as it is concealing my problem when I clearly need some help. Yep...  Nobody won't notice it anyway. 

I fucking hate Ze Klepto. 

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Confession of a foodist.

Being a Lidi and dating a chef and related to one, I am declaring myself a foodist
I know I should use LOL or LMAO but nothing can beat the feeling of typing HAHA, it is as if you are laughing FOR REAL and typing a Looooooooooooong HAHA can annoy people more. 

    I like to eat and not just eating random food but REALLY GOOD FOOD, the one that can make you salivate (this word reminds me of a KFC advertisement before they play the movie "salivating already?") and will kill for it, if it is the last food on earth and probably will end up in your last meal list. 
Well my last meal will be pretty long and if I'm jailed at some western country they will probably fucking hate my last meal list because most of them are Asian food and only Asian can make real Asian cuisine, just the way I like it.

My last Meal List.
*warning contain non halal food*
1. Wan-wan's Tom yum.
You may have your own preference, but mine would be this. 
The best Tom yum in Town.

A close up of the yummyness. 

2. A pot of sizzling hot porridge. 
Favorite porridge place is at Luyang. 

Pork porridge is always the best for me =)

2. Kou chung. 
That sticky rice with mushroom and pork filling just heaven.
This picture is unfortunately not the kou chung that I am talking about, this one is the one with the nut filling.

4. Kono mee. No, it might look like chu chap but when I order that the waitress wouldn't understand. So it's kono mee.
I blog about this before, since I first tasted this delicacy I am instantly addicted to it.

5. A good chocolate cheesecake. 
My favorite would be the one at secret recipe but that is probably too commercial, there might be a better chocolate cheesecake out there. If you know one, please don't hesitate to gimme the info =).

6. My dad's pork curry. Ever heard of a pork curry? Well my dad can make the best curry, not only my favorite but regular curry also. LOL... Sadly I never bother to take a picture of it (or just too busy finishing it) and it's been quite some time my dad cooked his curry.

7. Seafood fried rice... OMGawdddddd.... is yummeh.

8. Wantanho! anything would be fine, chicken, pork, seafood... anything!

9. Fish and chips...yes, I do enjoy a good fish and chips. Fish&co will always be the best for me.

10. To end this list, I have chosen the ULTIMATE food.
A simple home made feast... My grandmama "Samsu" soup, my dad's cornbeef omelette, "tousi" and a perfect "lada"....

I know the list doesn't seem that exotic or glamorous... all of them is just regular everyday food but when you eat instant noodle every fucking day like me, this is GOOD FOOD.

Just a simple girl with big dreams.

p/s: 9th April is Ed's birthday and I have no idea how to celebrate it... pleasssee if anyone bother to help me, suggest a birthday gift under RM30. I know RM30 won't help me getting a good present, I am not stingy!  I'm just fucking broke. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Considering suicide

Nah... the title meant nothing. I am not considering suicide or whatsoever... 
Just feeling a bit stress out with the hecticness and my "last minute" approach when it comes to studying. 
I really gotta stop that...It is just something time couldn't change, 19 years being a student and I am still a champion when it comes to procrastination. 

But I gotta change this before it's too late or I'm gonna graduate at 30 and I don't want that to happen.
I know learning doesn't have an age limit. But I need to start my life, a life that doesn't involve me begging money from my parents. Able to be financially independent that's my goal for now but that wouldn't happen if I keep on repeating petty mistakes.  

Thomas Edison himself once quote; 
"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."
So I gotta work hard no more games (Fingers cross I won't get distracted).

That is why I Thank God that I found this.

  I don't really like reading self help book but I need all the help I can get.
And it is actually pretty interesting and funny even though a bit outdated, still a good motivational book.
There's a one liner I absolutely love, "Everything will be worth it after this"...

So I am ending this post abruptly with a picture of myself. LOL...
I'll be back to my normal self after 7th May. 

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

a frown is just an upside down smile =)

I don't wanna post about me bitching about school, rambling about the hecticness and complained about my close to nil social life. Today post is about the thing that everyone love, adore, idolize that is...


Music is just the perfect escapism whenever you feel down. 
So the song that made me smile and forget all my woes (at the moment) is...

Nothing On You by B.O.B

Just heard this song today and immediately it put a smile on my face and if I wasn't driving at that time probably will do a little happy dance.

The first Line... "Beautiful girls all over the world, I could be chasing but my time would be wasting, they got nothing on You"... just melt my ice cold heart. I just couldn't help smiling listening to this song... =)

I am happy... I feel very content right now.
That is one the greatest gift God ever gave us, the gift of music.
  What would the world be without music? A silent world, a world that would be based on logic and emotions would cease to exist. In short a very boring world.

Life just isn't worth living without music.
I rather die than go on living my life without music.

I should get a music note tattoo on my chest.