Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wicked wednesday

It's a wicked day alright and I haven't got my 8 hours beauty sleep (tsk...tsk..tsk... cynta is so vain) yet.
A good 2 days away from the internet which is a hard thing and right now trying to not... I repeat to not LOGIN my facebook account. Why? FACEBOOK is an addiction. 

The application, the friends, the shoutout, the obsession for some stranger to comments how beautiful I am, the obsession of looking at other people's photo, curiosity about other people's life, updating yourself with unwanted information... 
That will cost 25hr a day. Time wasted and I don't even noticed it.
I know I am such a loser... I have no life other than peeking through other people's profile envious about their life... hrmmm... reminds me of a certain girl.
Anyway... ramblings aside. I am indulging myself with "ze internets" because (drum roll please) :
1. I just finished 2 major test today! 
but... totally gonna flunk the 1st one, thought it was an "open book" test but then the tutor announced that it's not an open book test. Funny thing was people were applauding when he got on stage thought he was gonna cancel the test. 

2. Finished that tedious part time job thingy.
Got paid and half of it already spend on groceries and tomorrow the other half on fuel. Why can't my car switch to solar power =(. 

so what's waiting for me? 
assignments, assignments, assignments... 

1 month to go and I am free to be the Queen of Koala again. 

My breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Rungitom said...

Wish you had a green car eh?

Nancy said...

need to borrow few stuff from ya and put some stuff at your place. Please sms me, thanks the very much. I just spent hours of my precious life with the elders. LOL.

SuicideCandy said...

ya bha... jimat minyak LOL...