Thursday, March 4, 2010

War Memorial Kundasang

It's been quite some time since my last visit to the War Memorial at Kundasang.
It was 1995 or 1996 and the placed was a wrecked.

So never been there until now, 14/15 years has pass and everything change.
It is probably due to the history channel doing a documentary about the --->Sandakan-Ranau death march<---
( I haven't seen the documentary yet btw). A tragic tragedy of world war 2 when The Japanese Occupied Sabah but I'm not gonna say much about this tragedy, you guys can just click the link above for a more accurate information.

  Welcome To the War Memorial.
Price of Admission
RM2.00 for Malaysian.
RM10.00 for Foreigners.

As you enter the Memorial Park, you'll see a very different atmosphere from the outside. Kundasang is currently a progressing construction site, where the road is mostly dusty and you can see on-going projects around. But 1 thing will not change is the beautiful view of the villages up on the hills.

There's a mini exhibition of the Death March.

With pictures of people that held as prisoners in the Death March.


Even a flat screen TV for you viewing pleasure. 

Let us proceed to Gardens. 

There are 3 gardens inside with each unique landscape.

Australian Garden 

Translation : Do not step on me or I'll die. 
So... I'm not suppose to step on the sign or the grass? I'm confuse. 



"Ada TV owh... Ko Jangan...Kana danda 100dollar kama."
That would be a more appropriate Warning but guess only Sabahan would understand it.

The English Garden

Just got to slip a picture of me. LOL


You can read right? LOL... This is my favorite garden among the 3. 

The Entrance.



A secret door to the unknown. 

Statue of animals and that creepy looking giant frog, thank god it's not alive. Wonder tho, if there really is a frog like that.

Not to worry there is also live fishes there. I dunno what type of fish tho, guessing it might be a gold fish.

Okay on to the next chapter. That eager looking guy can't wait to explore the other side. 

Sorry forgot to took a picture without people in it. Mine was too horrible because Ed keep telling me to expose my face to the sunshine. 

A better picture of me. 

On the wall is names of Australian and Brittish Serviceman. 

 Brothers kept as prisoners. I can't imagine the agony they went through seeing each other suffers. 

  A poem written by 1 of the prisoners. Just click it to enlarge. 

One thing I don't get is why put a plastic flower among live beautiful flowers.
In the end there's a terrific view waiting. 

Kind of reminds me of farmville tho. ( I am not a farmville addict! Just like feeling rich even when it is just a game LMAO). 

Beautiful Words. 

You should go visit NOW.

Had a great time with Ed that day. I know he looks horrible here but I look hot, so there!


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