Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A tribute to Bapa Tua

9th March marks 4 years of my grandfather's death anniversery. 
He is missed everyday by us.

A poem to BapaTua...

-Goodbye Granddad-

So heaven has received another angel
The night sky another star
Your life has become a loving memory
I know you will never be far.
I know you are watching over me
As my life goes on
I will treasure the memories I have of you
I cant believe your gone.
You were a loving caring grandad
You were there for me a lot
You will always hold a place in my heart
A loving treasured spot.
You were really one in a million
A cut above the rest
All that knew you would agree
You simply were the best.
So grandad I will say goodbye
I love and miss you with all my heart
But as long as I have my loving memories
We will never be too far apart.

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Amanda Christine Wong said...

haha! i get shoegasms too!