Wednesday, March 17, 2010

secret wish

I secretly wish the guy in Neyo's song really exist.
The Guy in "So You can Cry", "Mad" and "Why does she stay"...
But reality there's no such thing as prince charming. 
No such thing as a Knight in Shining Armor. 
No such thing as true Love.

But...anything impossible can be possible.
We are all clueless in that subject. Love has no real answer. 
You can't touch love, you can't see love and yet yearns for it.

My mom never tells me that one day that someone will come in a shining armor riding a big white horse and be my prince charming. Her idea of love is if that someone can stand your bad habits, your temper, be there for you and can look at you in the morning without disgust seeing your saliva mark on your face (no one wakes up in the morning looking like Beyonce, I bet even Beyonce doesn't look that hot waking up)... but what if that certain person doesn't qualified that and you can't help loving him in hopes that one day he'll change (what if he doesn't?).

I'm considering to sue Disney for making me believe in this shit. 

  Where am I going to find a hot guy that will search high and low for my glass slippers, kiss me to wake me up, own a magic carpet, rescue me, a beast but will transform to human with my kiss and is royalty as well?

Guess... I gotta stop being a damsel in distress and safe myself from this insanity. 

p/s: if you're a guy (straight) and you're reading this.. Do appreciate your love. 
p/p/s: cuz most straight guy are too insensitive and egoistical to really understand a girl. 


Nancy said...

we are lucky to have such a non delusional family when it comes to this, at least they prepared us for the worst side of love, even if we hate to agree but they are right most of the time.

and guys, kimak kamu semua (cursing in advance) sebab buat anak buah sya bad mood. tidak kisah lah yang di jalan raya kah, di facebook ka dll.

P/S:I hope we find that guy in that song in our life.

SuicideCandy said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..... MARI MENCARI LELAKI E2. tp namau muka mcm neyo.