Monday, March 15, 2010

One week of hell and fun

Too much to blog yet too little time. 
This week gonna be a busy one for me though compare to my other course mate which is much busier, mine will be like a normal school week. LOL... Thank Gawd for that or I'll be sure to check myself to the nearest mental institution. 

Tomorrow is surveying midterm.
Tuesday, my partime "freelance" job. 
Thursday, MANDARIN ORAL!!!
Friday, Civil Night =)
Saturday, Traverse survey (tanning session) at DC. 

Thank You to the Good Lord That,
1. My partner already finish the dialogue. 
2. Already got everything prepare (Yes, already finish my mask!) for civil night except contact lense. 

1. Haven't start studying for survey. 
2. Haven't start practicing my dialogue. 

I am feeling a wee bit unwell with constant coughing, mucus invading my nose and my throat, and migrain. Which made me feeling depress because I can't really focus what I'm doing.  

I am ending this entry abruptly with a picture of me at my school Lab. 

Yep... safety 1st and I am off to eat my maggi laksa (instant noodle) and rush to class.

Why can't I be sick when I really need to be sick! *sulking*

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