Monday, March 22, 2010

Masquerade Ball Drama

I never been to a masquerade ball before... I don't expect I will be attending one either. 
But all that change when my coursemates pick Masquerade as Our Civil Night Theme which is AWESOME!
Whoever pick the theme get a 3 HIPHIPHURRAH!!! from me. =)

The ball turn out to be a blast and everyone seems to be having fun though there's one thing I hate about it.
The PROM QUEEN so DOESN'T DESERVE to be crowned as one (beside she already won it last year). Even the other girls deserve that title better than her. 
IMHO my friend GG should win, her mask that night was the BIGGEST, the BEST among it all.
That mask is dope man... I'm really REALLY surprised she doesn't get the title, not even nominated. But it's okay WE HAD FUN, that's what important and all the AJKs hard work is not wasted =).  

Here's some pictures of the night. =)

With my besties. =) 
Trying my best rocking the 'gaga' hair tho some of my course mate said, I look more like Sailormoon. LOL

The C.E beauties...

The kick ass mask and I. 

The guy in the picture is my opponent and dancing partner that day. We were competing who can snatch the most food, LOL. No wonder my weight seems to be up and down these day. Can't resist temptation from yummy food. 

 C.E students are really barbaric when it comes to food. We all ate like we haven't eaten for days. 

Caught red handed! cheating on my diet plan.

Performance by our lecturer Mr. Jodin. He sang a song by Elvis that night if I am not mistaken. Everyone was dancing on the dance floor and I couldn't resist myself from not joining so I asked Jack to be my dancing partner, good thing he can dance well or we'll be clueless especially with my 2 left feet. 

Then Mr. Jodin sang "Tinggi-tinggi gunung Kinabalu" and everyone join the craziness "sumazauing" on the dance floor. They even form a big circle and a friend of mine accidentally shove somebody's face there. But all is good tho. LOL

4th year performance. 

The opening act by 2nd year. I gotta say, all the performance by 2nd year student (my batch) is entertaining that night. The "nunuk ragang" dance, modern dance, ballroom dance and the ever so funny short play about C.E student is great... A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!! 
Too bad for the 1st year performance tho, that just sucks. If you can't sing then pack your bags, get outta the stage, do it AF style and cry. CRY!!! boooooooooooo... people were too polite that night tho, no booing just a polite quiet applause.

I didn't wear the mask all night tho... afraid that it might mess my bow hair. 
Thank You wewen for being a supportive sister and help me do the hair, you are truly an artist! LOL. 
Without you, that bow hairdo will not exist (because I  hopelessly sucks when it comes to the hair business).

The crowned King and Queen of prom. 
Like the hair band on the Royal Head. 
She won fairly tho by the 4th year amazingly loud applause (she's a 4th year student).

The nominees. 

She look like a warrior princess. =)

Snow queen.

Both are 1st year students. 

Among the nominees Emma shoulda won the title. She gave a one heck sexy catwalk. 
But it's okay there's still next year and will make sure to shout at the top of my lungs.

The 2nd year students. =)

Before heading out to the next partay destination. 

1st time there, the DJ was ok but was too tired to partay. Dunno, these days my party mode seems to be lost. 

I left the club after only been there for 30 minutes... Just got too much to worries these day... 
I'm afraid that I am finally growing up and leaving my party ways...

sometimes all you wanna do is chill and get away from the craziness.

p/s: Thank You to all my course mates for sharing the pictures, sorry didn't asked for permission to published this... sorry, sorry, sorry... PLEASE DON'T SUE ME, I am really broke...


Amanda Christine Wong said...

hey, was this on the 20th at tanjung aru beach resort? coz i thought i saw people walking around in masks...

SuicideCandy said...

yup =)