Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Marvelous MisAdventure of Flapjack

Right now am watching Flapjack on Cartoon Network. At my parents house where life is easy and slow... 
Nothing to do (there is... but I am busy procrastinating to do it), eat whatever you can find in the fridge, 
and all the cartoon I want to watch because I have a 5 6 year old brother. So he is the majority in every vote, you get his vote, you can get others to agree as well. 

I want ice cream right now. 
The cold, chocolaty, nutty, vanilla flavor ice cream. 
I want to upload a seducing, mouth watering pictures of ice cream but the internet speed is low so all I can do is imagine my self eating ice cream. 

Situation no1. 
My other brother bought me ice cream from McD. 
McFlurry Cornetto. 

Situation no2. 
"Poof" ice cream suddenly appear in the fridge, chocolate chips and with large chocolate chips cookies so I can make an ice cream sandwich. 

Situation no.3 
I shut down this laptop and walk to the nearest shop and buy me self a Popsicle, mango flavor or orange my favorite.

Situation no.4
An ice cream truck happens to pass by (I have the ability to hear an Ice cream truck coming miles away), grab my bra, beg money from parents and buy myself the most biggest expensive ice cream ever!!!!

Out of this 4 situation, situation no.3 is the most logical at the moment but I am too lazy to move my lazy ass to make that situation come true.

gah... I hate the HEAT.


Now that I switch from the crib to the hotel, internet speed is much BETTERR (with 2 Rs).
One of my favorite toons.

The ice cream I'm craving. (^o^)

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