Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to create a mask

I promised to blog about how to create a masquerade mask and I WILL.
Because this is the post for it, to anyone that might be attending one themself. 

How to Make Masquerade Masks -- powered by

That's a video tutorial to create a mask from scratch but if you're running outta time but still want to have a unique mask (like yours truly) then get into your car now or fetch a bus/taxi and go to your nearest party store and get a simple party mask. 
There's a party shop at Kramunsing at KK and simple mask will cost you only under RM20. 
Although I am lucky to be Genesis's big sister because I stole his mask (insert evil laugh here).
So here's the mask that I stole.
A plain silver mask that will definitely reflect flash, hence ugly pictures will be produce. 
What did I do to transformed that mask?
Easy go to a shop that sells DIY stuff. 
So I went to Leton, Segama.
Shop for 30 minutes and get all my items for my DIY for only RM10.80... 

The items that I chose to pimped up my mask is:
And you will be needing 

a glue and scissors. Used my dad favorite scissors he'll kill me if he knew i used this. 


It's a simple cost less method to pimped up your mask. 

Lady Butterfly

p/s: sorry, I was gonna create a mask from scratch but when you find an easier way, why waste time doing the hard one. :) 


Rungitom said...

"Pimp My Mask" come in mind. Xzibit would love this.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

love the lace thingy.

taragang_saru said...

a nice makeover indeed.plain silver mask transform jd btl2 classy

SuicideCandy said...

thank you guys... tried my best to make the mask look better. LOL