Thursday, March 25, 2010

hot mess

Hello... What's up reader? How are you today? Feeling good/bad with your day?
Well... not so good for me... 

The reason is, I just got a public in your face statement saying that I might be a MUTE.
Sorry to disappoint ya fella, I have a tongue that can reach the tip of my nose, a slight pronunciation problem but I AM NOT MUTE. The reason that I was silent and not joining the conversation because I don't know what to say BECAUSE the conversation is a topic that I am clueless about so don't need to be calling me MUTE, you ugly mule. 

I'm just not a good conversationalist... I don't know how to "butt in" in a conversation with people I first met, I also will try not to have an eye contact with the person because I'm not comfortable being stared so I will avert my eyes if I'm talking to you for the first time (and the second, third... until we're in a friendly terms where I am comfortable being around that certain person). So basically I am quite an introvert except when I have too much alcohol at that time I'll be a '"Nyonya Sosialita" (social butterfly).  Hello tequila shots.

Is being an introvert a bad thing? Why can't some people be happy with just a polite smile-nod-hello and leave me be while I pretended I'm busy texting someone, Thank you. I know I should be more extrovert sometimes, be more talkative (I am talkative with my friends) but I prefer let time do its magic and if I like you and you worth my time then I can be one heck of a friend.

So Cynta shy?

Not really... =)


I'm just being Cynta. LOL


Rungitom said...

Being an Introvert is not a bad thing, here is some info I dig up from the interwebs...

Nancy said...

yai..siapa tu? takkanlah terhegeh-hegeh pulak..bongs..and sorry i was out with the elders...again...when you msn-ed me.

taragang_saru said...

i get that all the time.being called sumbung so many times before smpai terbiasa sdh sy xD