Thursday, March 11, 2010

The heat made me sick

Gah... My brain is melting becouse of the heat.
So what's new? Nothing much, other than I got only a week to prepare myself for our Grand Dinner/Prom.
Our theme is Masquerade Ball.
Wow, so elegant ah, MUCH better than my first year theme.
But only 1 tiny problem... I do not have a dress or anything for the ball. 
Owh how I wish... I am Cinderella right now with a fairy Godmother to turn me into a beautiful princess. 

Picture this:
I the beautiful (eh, I forgot someone call me "PALING BIDA") peasant girl, crying inside my lamatidakcuci car. Then all of a sudden;

An old women appear from nowhere and start measuring me. 

Bewilder by this situation and convince that she is MY fairy godmother, I beg her for a Versace dress... 

No! she said... I can only give you this one lah.
Blue? I'm not a blue girl (nanti si BB marah sy pakai biru LOL), but better than nothing. 

But I am so not going to wear a glass slipper, because I have Hyperhidrosis (and I am not making that up, google it!). 

But then the old women get all cranky on me, shout at me : "Here RM50 go get yourself some shoes!"
Before I can complain, she "poof" away leaving me an echo of her voice saying "At midnight the magic will vanish". I shout: Fuck You Bitch, How am I going to find a 6 inch shoes with only RM50?!

If only, there's a RM50 shoe shop selling this:
Yeah baby... give it to me!

uuuu... baby that feels so good....

gimme more baby, more!!!




Anyone that loves shoe will understand why I get orgasm every time I see a perfect pair of shoes.
I really want to own a perfect pair of 6inch heels... WHY?
1. The taller you feel the better.
2. They will make you legs appear longer. 
3. I might smash my face if I slip while wearing it but before slipping I look like a SuperModel.
4. I am just that vain. 

Now, the other problem is I don't have a mask... It is a Maskquerade Ball and I don't want to be cought wearing a RM5.80 mask. 

But again money is the main problem (Wait until I'm rich to whine about being rich), mask like these:

Cost about RM65.90 which even my life saving (consist of RM1 note) cannot cover it. 

But THANK YOU GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a very creative sister. She told me she can make that and if she really can create a maskquerade mask for me I will sure share it on this blog for all DIY lovers. Who doesn't love saving money?

If things doesn't go that way then I am force to use plan B.
Which is:
Buying a spongebob mask. LOL

Owh... If only such things exist and my reality is my dream.