Monday, March 8, 2010

Alter Ego

The most anticipating post ever! Okay not really... I've been planning to blog about this for quite sometime but got side track. Not to worry, this will be it. For those who doesn't have a clue what the fuck I'm talking about is 
here's the --->link<--, I won't explain any further just click and you'll understand what I'm saying. 

Remember this?
Okay not the same picture but the same person. 
I decided to go 50s that night and here's the result =

Tadah... Doesn't look like Betty Page at all... I know.

I think I look more like 
Betty Hutton. I was listening to her songs while getting ready. LOL

But the real truth is my alter ego is


This is not a exaggeration but it's the truth, my alter ego is evil and annoying, not ugly tho... I'm not a scientist that can turn myself into ugly monster. But my siblings used to call me =

Because of my very "good" temper. My mum used to locked me in a room (when I bullied my siblings too much) and they will taunt me by saying "YOU MUST CONTROL YOUR TEMPER" just like the candle, the teapot and the clock said in Beauty and The Beast.

Scary as it seems only the one that close to me will see my dark side. Which doesn't happen that often and nowadays only Ed see it (because he's with me 24/7). 

  Enough about moi!

Let's talk about the other alter egos that night. 


 Betty Hutton, Nicole Scherzinger and err... some kawaii japanese girl. LOL
Amy wasn't quite sure what is her alter ego so I teased her looking like a kawaii japanese ghost. 
But Ciean's hair that night was marvelous, I fucking want that hair for my upcoming course night. 

This picture doesn't justify how perfect her hair that day but sadly I didn't capture much picture that night. I was too tipsy to even remember to take pictures.  Her hair is exactly like Nicole's and without any help from professional hair stylist. Emily Lily Awing is gifted! She's the one that make my hair looks 50s. "Bha amy, buka la saloon... gerenti bnyk urang pigi!"

LMAO... But it was one fucking night. Met lotta engineers that night (okay only 4, electrical, coastal, environmental and mechanical) one of them even said to me to just hold on, even though it is hard now but the pay will be worth it. Fingers crossed and pray to the good lord that I will have an iron will to finish this and not be side track by anything at all. 

  One thing I just gotta share with you guys... I actually did a photoshoot (for fun) that made me look a bit like Betty Page.
I look quite "pinupish" if you can see the whole picture. Sorry can't let you guys see the whole picture tho or my name will be in the student's black list (if they have one). LMAO...   

Anyway... Whatever alter ego you might have, scary, nice... whatever just make sure the alter ego don't control you or you'll end up like Dr. Jekyll and The hulk. Finding a group of soldiers and scientist to cure you is a hassle unless you some kind of fame monster. LMAO

Kisses and Hugs.


Nancy said...

I love your pin up pic...ahem. Wednesday bebeh!!

SuicideCandy said...

ne minggu ka? LOL