Thursday, March 25, 2010

hot mess

Hello... What's up reader? How are you today? Feeling good/bad with your day?
Well... not so good for me... 

The reason is, I just got a public in your face statement saying that I might be a MUTE.
Sorry to disappoint ya fella, I have a tongue that can reach the tip of my nose, a slight pronunciation problem but I AM NOT MUTE. The reason that I was silent and not joining the conversation because I don't know what to say BECAUSE the conversation is a topic that I am clueless about so don't need to be calling me MUTE, you ugly mule. 

I'm just not a good conversationalist... I don't know how to "butt in" in a conversation with people I first met, I also will try not to have an eye contact with the person because I'm not comfortable being stared so I will avert my eyes if I'm talking to you for the first time (and the second, third... until we're in a friendly terms where I am comfortable being around that certain person). So basically I am quite an introvert except when I have too much alcohol at that time I'll be a '"Nyonya Sosialita" (social butterfly).  Hello tequila shots.

Is being an introvert a bad thing? Why can't some people be happy with just a polite smile-nod-hello and leave me be while I pretended I'm busy texting someone, Thank you. I know I should be more extrovert sometimes, be more talkative (I am talkative with my friends) but I prefer let time do its magic and if I like you and you worth my time then I can be one heck of a friend.

So Cynta shy?

Not really... =)


I'm just being Cynta. LOL

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wicked wednesday

It's a wicked day alright and I haven't got my 8 hours beauty sleep (tsk...tsk..tsk... cynta is so vain) yet.
A good 2 days away from the internet which is a hard thing and right now trying to not... I repeat to not LOGIN my facebook account. Why? FACEBOOK is an addiction. 

The application, the friends, the shoutout, the obsession for some stranger to comments how beautiful I am, the obsession of looking at other people's photo, curiosity about other people's life, updating yourself with unwanted information... 
That will cost 25hr a day. Time wasted and I don't even noticed it.
I know I am such a loser... I have no life other than peeking through other people's profile envious about their life... hrmmm... reminds me of a certain girl.
Anyway... ramblings aside. I am indulging myself with "ze internets" because (drum roll please) :
1. I just finished 2 major test today! 
but... totally gonna flunk the 1st one, thought it was an "open book" test but then the tutor announced that it's not an open book test. Funny thing was people were applauding when he got on stage thought he was gonna cancel the test. 

2. Finished that tedious part time job thingy.
Got paid and half of it already spend on groceries and tomorrow the other half on fuel. Why can't my car switch to solar power =(. 

so what's waiting for me? 
assignments, assignments, assignments... 

1 month to go and I am free to be the Queen of Koala again. 

My breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Masquerade Ball Drama

I never been to a masquerade ball before... I don't expect I will be attending one either. 
But all that change when my coursemates pick Masquerade as Our Civil Night Theme which is AWESOME!
Whoever pick the theme get a 3 HIPHIPHURRAH!!! from me. =)

The ball turn out to be a blast and everyone seems to be having fun though there's one thing I hate about it.
The PROM QUEEN so DOESN'T DESERVE to be crowned as one (beside she already won it last year). Even the other girls deserve that title better than her. 
IMHO my friend GG should win, her mask that night was the BIGGEST, the BEST among it all.
That mask is dope man... I'm really REALLY surprised she doesn't get the title, not even nominated. But it's okay WE HAD FUN, that's what important and all the AJKs hard work is not wasted =).  

Here's some pictures of the night. =)

With my besties. =) 
Trying my best rocking the 'gaga' hair tho some of my course mate said, I look more like Sailormoon. LOL

The C.E beauties...

The kick ass mask and I. 

The guy in the picture is my opponent and dancing partner that day. We were competing who can snatch the most food, LOL. No wonder my weight seems to be up and down these day. Can't resist temptation from yummy food. 

 C.E students are really barbaric when it comes to food. We all ate like we haven't eaten for days. 

Caught red handed! cheating on my diet plan.

Performance by our lecturer Mr. Jodin. He sang a song by Elvis that night if I am not mistaken. Everyone was dancing on the dance floor and I couldn't resist myself from not joining so I asked Jack to be my dancing partner, good thing he can dance well or we'll be clueless especially with my 2 left feet. 

Then Mr. Jodin sang "Tinggi-tinggi gunung Kinabalu" and everyone join the craziness "sumazauing" on the dance floor. They even form a big circle and a friend of mine accidentally shove somebody's face there. But all is good tho. LOL

4th year performance. 

The opening act by 2nd year. I gotta say, all the performance by 2nd year student (my batch) is entertaining that night. The "nunuk ragang" dance, modern dance, ballroom dance and the ever so funny short play about C.E student is great... A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!! 
Too bad for the 1st year performance tho, that just sucks. If you can't sing then pack your bags, get outta the stage, do it AF style and cry. CRY!!! boooooooooooo... people were too polite that night tho, no booing just a polite quiet applause.

I didn't wear the mask all night tho... afraid that it might mess my bow hair. 
Thank You wewen for being a supportive sister and help me do the hair, you are truly an artist! LOL. 
Without you, that bow hairdo will not exist (because I  hopelessly sucks when it comes to the hair business).

The crowned King and Queen of prom. 
Like the hair band on the Royal Head. 
She won fairly tho by the 4th year amazingly loud applause (she's a 4th year student).

The nominees. 

She look like a warrior princess. =)

Snow queen.

Both are 1st year students. 

Among the nominees Emma shoulda won the title. She gave a one heck sexy catwalk. 
But it's okay there's still next year and will make sure to shout at the top of my lungs.

The 2nd year students. =)

Before heading out to the next partay destination. 

1st time there, the DJ was ok but was too tired to partay. Dunno, these days my party mode seems to be lost. 

I left the club after only been there for 30 minutes... Just got too much to worries these day... 
I'm afraid that I am finally growing up and leaving my party ways...

sometimes all you wanna do is chill and get away from the craziness.

p/s: Thank You to all my course mates for sharing the pictures, sorry didn't asked for permission to published this... sorry, sorry, sorry... PLEASE DON'T SUE ME, I am really broke...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Speechless by Lady Gaga

Should blog about the NIGHT but am quite busy with some projects. 
I got this song stuck in my head and can't get it out... 
I am a fan of Lady Gaga, all her song is just awesome!
This is my new favorite! 

She's just so talented... I will literally pee in my pants if I have the chance meeting her in person.
Lady Gaga always performed a kick ass ballad, so what if she's weird and her fashion style might be a tad bit uncomfortable. 

Felt Speechless listening to this song.

p/s: My hair for prom was inspired by Lady Gaga bow hair.

How to create a mask

I promised to blog about how to create a masquerade mask and I WILL.
Because this is the post for it, to anyone that might be attending one themself. 

How to Make Masquerade Masks -- powered by

That's a video tutorial to create a mask from scratch but if you're running outta time but still want to have a unique mask (like yours truly) then get into your car now or fetch a bus/taxi and go to your nearest party store and get a simple party mask. 
There's a party shop at Kramunsing at KK and simple mask will cost you only under RM20. 
Although I am lucky to be Genesis's big sister because I stole his mask (insert evil laugh here).
So here's the mask that I stole.
A plain silver mask that will definitely reflect flash, hence ugly pictures will be produce. 
What did I do to transformed that mask?
Easy go to a shop that sells DIY stuff. 
So I went to Leton, Segama.
Shop for 30 minutes and get all my items for my DIY for only RM10.80... 

The items that I chose to pimped up my mask is:
And you will be needing 

a glue and scissors. Used my dad favorite scissors he'll kill me if he knew i used this. 


It's a simple cost less method to pimped up your mask. 

Lady Butterfly

p/s: sorry, I was gonna create a mask from scratch but when you find an easier way, why waste time doing the hard one. :) 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fucked up my phone

I am just so pissed off right now because my phone is currently not functioning correctly. It keep asking for a security code when I didn't even put one. Tried the PUK number still doesn't work... Tried searching answers through the net still doesn't work. 

And please don't tell me to ask a new phone from my parents. This is a new phone I just got it like 4/5 months ago. Even though I bought it for only RM95 (because it's a new b&w model) which I am very proud of because I manage to yield myself from buying latest handphone model because all I need is the basic = to call and text my family and friends. That's all...

and maybe that's not enough... Maybe this is a lesson for me to not be such a cheapskate. FYI, my phone is the one made from china, it's a b&w nokia 1202 because some idiot just commented that in my shout out in FB which annoyed me because:

1. I don't even know the guy.
2. That guy never even saw my fucking phone so doesn't have the right to even comment about it.
3. That guy apparently using a fake profile with a fake name. 

This actually annoyed me, there are lots of people used fake profile to harass people. That happened recently to my aunt, a psycho making rude and inappropriate remarks about her picture, that person even insulted my sister and I, calling us ugly (which I don't really mind because I do look ugly in that picture) but still that person remarks is very rude for someone who doesn't know us (thank gawd, my aunt has lots of supporter) and my aunt is not the only victim of hers. Apparently there are more girls received rude remarks. That person (even if the profile name&pic suggest a she but it could be a he) obviously suffering mental problem or just envious of other people fabulous life (that person currently harassing a middle age woman) and surprisingly the fake profile still not deleted by facebook admin even though (I'm sure) lots of reports about this person has been sent.

We should do something about this because nowadays a lot of people are using facebook even 9 year old kids. Yes, primary 3 students owned a facebook account and lied about their age. In my opinion children that young shouldn't be owning a facebook account, the age limit is 18 years and above so let it stay that way.  Because the internet is a place where sex predator, pedophile, serial killers etc... can run free and be somebody else. Thank Gawd for the internet because that particular person could be in your friendslist right now and you won't even know it.  

I should blog more about this... But am too tired and stressed out about the phone issue. 

        How I wish I can afford a blackberry without asking from my parents.

p/s: My phone is
 Yes, the only special thing about this baby is the flashlight, very convenient finding things in the dark, FML.  

UPDATE: Turns out it's not my phone but my simcard seems to be ROSAK! 

Friday, March 19, 2010

crocodile on land

and inside my 'Bak kut teh' soup and salad.

The Expectation: scaly hard meat.

Yep... steaming hot. It won't be a Bak Kut Teh if it's ain't hot. 
The soup was okay, I still prefer my favorite Bak Kut Teh spot at Gaya Street.
The soup is a bit spicy and you can feel a hint of sweet in it. 
The meat totally not what I expected, soft, not hard to chew... But taste kinda funny, I don't really know how to describe it, it doesn't taste like chicken or any meat I've ever tasted. But good though. 

My Bak Kut Teh won't be perfect without these babies 'Char Kue'. 

Alas the crocodile salad. Love its crunchiness.  

Never forget your steaming hot rice =)

And That Leaves 
2 satisfied customer.
What's not to like, the food service is quick, the waitresses are nice and friendly (they try their best to answer Mr Chef's question and recommending types of dishes) and most importantly the food is nice. 

Where to Go to try this out?
At Shen Loong Bak Kut Teh, 1borneo. 
It's near to the apple cafe, you just go to the car park exit near Apple Cafe and you'll find the shop.
Still clueless? It's near the Sen Q electronic shop, if I'm not mistaken located at the North Atrium.
Still and still clueless? ASK THE INFORMATION CENTRE.
Where's the information centre? I'm not going to answer that and let you guys explore it yourself. 

Where the hell is 1borneo? AT KOTA KINABALU, SABAH, MALAYSIA.

okay that's it... 

I'm getting ready for tonight! Excitedness is I!!! 

p/s: I forgot about the price, well for a 2 persons meal it cost us under RM30 only. Quite cheap for exotic food. =D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a new post again cuz I have all the time in the world.

I just gotta blog about this. 
While rambling about prince charming existence I stumble to a some ad by Disney. 
"Year of A million Dreams" Ever heard of it? 
Well I don't know when they released it but some of this picture quite good. 

I don't really like this one. Beyonce looked to old to be Alice. 

Roger Federer as King Arthur... okay la...

Jessica Biel as Pocahontas... doesn't work for me. 

I don't like ugly genie. Sorry for being harsh but I really hate this one. I'll be fucking terrified if I rub a lamp and Whoopi Goldberg came out. 

Doesn't look right to me. Probably because they're old and this just look too cheesy for me.

I like this one. 

One of my favorite. 

Love, love this one!

David Becham as Prince Charming... Really charming indeed.

okay, that's it no more internet for me... gotta finish my job!

secret wish

I secretly wish the guy in Neyo's song really exist.
The Guy in "So You can Cry", "Mad" and "Why does she stay"...
But reality there's no such thing as prince charming. 
No such thing as a Knight in Shining Armor. 
No such thing as true Love.

But...anything impossible can be possible.
We are all clueless in that subject. Love has no real answer. 
You can't touch love, you can't see love and yet yearns for it.

My mom never tells me that one day that someone will come in a shining armor riding a big white horse and be my prince charming. Her idea of love is if that someone can stand your bad habits, your temper, be there for you and can look at you in the morning without disgust seeing your saliva mark on your face (no one wakes up in the morning looking like Beyonce, I bet even Beyonce doesn't look that hot waking up)... but what if that certain person doesn't qualified that and you can't help loving him in hopes that one day he'll change (what if he doesn't?).

I'm considering to sue Disney for making me believe in this shit. 

  Where am I going to find a hot guy that will search high and low for my glass slippers, kiss me to wake me up, own a magic carpet, rescue me, a beast but will transform to human with my kiss and is royalty as well?

Guess... I gotta stop being a damsel in distress and safe myself from this insanity. 

p/s: if you're a guy (straight) and you're reading this.. Do appreciate your love. 
p/p/s: cuz most straight guy are too insensitive and egoistical to really understand a girl. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

i'll do anything to get that shoes.

And I am not Kidding.

Owh and by the way this is a video clip from Che'nelle, Feel Good.

I will feel good with that shoes on my feet, the heels of course... I rather be wearing safety boots than rain boots. 

One week of hell and fun

Too much to blog yet too little time. 
This week gonna be a busy one for me though compare to my other course mate which is much busier, mine will be like a normal school week. LOL... Thank Gawd for that or I'll be sure to check myself to the nearest mental institution. 

Tomorrow is surveying midterm.
Tuesday, my partime "freelance" job. 
Thursday, MANDARIN ORAL!!!
Friday, Civil Night =)
Saturday, Traverse survey (tanning session) at DC. 

Thank You to the Good Lord That,
1. My partner already finish the dialogue. 
2. Already got everything prepare (Yes, already finish my mask!) for civil night except contact lense. 

1. Haven't start studying for survey. 
2. Haven't start practicing my dialogue. 

I am feeling a wee bit unwell with constant coughing, mucus invading my nose and my throat, and migrain. Which made me feeling depress because I can't really focus what I'm doing.  

I am ending this entry abruptly with a picture of me at my school Lab. 

Yep... safety 1st and I am off to eat my maggi laksa (instant noodle) and rush to class.

Why can't I be sick when I really need to be sick! *sulking*

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The heat made me sick

Gah... My brain is melting becouse of the heat.
So what's new? Nothing much, other than I got only a week to prepare myself for our Grand Dinner/Prom.
Our theme is Masquerade Ball.
Wow, so elegant ah, MUCH better than my first year theme.
But only 1 tiny problem... I do not have a dress or anything for the ball. 
Owh how I wish... I am Cinderella right now with a fairy Godmother to turn me into a beautiful princess. 

Picture this:
I the beautiful (eh, I forgot someone call me "PALING BIDA") peasant girl, crying inside my lamatidakcuci car. Then all of a sudden;

An old women appear from nowhere and start measuring me. 

Bewilder by this situation and convince that she is MY fairy godmother, I beg her for a Versace dress... 

No! she said... I can only give you this one lah.
Blue? I'm not a blue girl (nanti si BB marah sy pakai biru LOL), but better than nothing. 

But I am so not going to wear a glass slipper, because I have Hyperhidrosis (and I am not making that up, google it!). 

But then the old women get all cranky on me, shout at me : "Here RM50 go get yourself some shoes!"
Before I can complain, she "poof" away leaving me an echo of her voice saying "At midnight the magic will vanish". I shout: Fuck You Bitch, How am I going to find a 6 inch shoes with only RM50?!

If only, there's a RM50 shoe shop selling this:
Yeah baby... give it to me!

uuuu... baby that feels so good....

gimme more baby, more!!!




Anyone that loves shoe will understand why I get orgasm every time I see a perfect pair of shoes.
I really want to own a perfect pair of 6inch heels... WHY?
1. The taller you feel the better.
2. They will make you legs appear longer. 
3. I might smash my face if I slip while wearing it but before slipping I look like a SuperModel.
4. I am just that vain. 

Now, the other problem is I don't have a mask... It is a Maskquerade Ball and I don't want to be cought wearing a RM5.80 mask. 

But again money is the main problem (Wait until I'm rich to whine about being rich), mask like these:

Cost about RM65.90 which even my life saving (consist of RM1 note) cannot cover it. 

But THANK YOU GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a very creative sister. She told me she can make that and if she really can create a maskquerade mask for me I will sure share it on this blog for all DIY lovers. Who doesn't love saving money?

If things doesn't go that way then I am force to use plan B.
Which is:
Buying a spongebob mask. LOL

Owh... If only such things exist and my reality is my dream.