Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Waiting Weekend.

DILEMMA spell backwards would be AMMELID. WTF?

LOL. Another canceled class today and leaves me with another day off. A good thing tho, because I haven't finish most of my homework and will gimme plenty of time to study for my weekly mandarin test which is a pain in the arse. I keep getting low (very low) marks for mandarin and I blame it all at my 2 giga byte brain.

Learning mandarin is not as easy as I thought and I almost regret taking this subject, thank gawd I got a very interesting lecturer that likes no LOVES to educate his students not only learning to speak 'hanyu' and write 'hanzi' (mind my pinyin my laptop is not 'pinyinable' yet) but also to make us understand and know the chinese culture. I especially like that every hanzi word has its own interpretation. But the next time I decided to learn another language I would make sure that it doesn't involve me learning another type of writing other that the alphabet.

Valentine's day is coming =) . Got no plans for it yet, Ed would probably working until late and it is Chinese New Year as well, so he'll be busy, busy, busy. I was gonna bake a valentine's cake but that would be a bit overrated since I been baked him a cake almost every time we got something to celebrate. Presents, hurmm... I have zero income so that will not be happening anytime soon but if I can, I will buy him this...

LOL. But I'm not sure that he will like this design. It's simple, not too showy kinda like him =) . But according to my brother(his Chinese gf told him) shoes for present will be as if I want him to go away so that would be NOT GOOD. Fuck, I'm still gonna get him this if I got more money in my wallet.


My Cat loving Aunt got a new kitten, dunno its name yet but the kitty is cute as a button.

LOL, apparently this kitten is a molester.

And loves fighting The Evil Villain Fingers.

The kitten digs boobs and fighting evil, I bet it gonna grow up to be a fine cat.


Now if you'll excuse me, I have some hanzi to write, electric current to calculate and also bending stress as well as compression.

Beside my coffee is getting cold.

Honey, honey don't you conceal it.

p/s: In case if you think the title sounds familiar, I plagiarize it from Richard Reed. LOL
p/p/s: I'm not sure the kitten's gender.

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