Sunday, February 14, 2010

The valentine post

Hello ya'll (trip britney dulu), Wanna wish you guys a Happy Chinese New Year, The Year of the Tiger.

This year would be extra properous for those that born in the year of the Tiger.
1986! The year I was born... here's a list for those that born in the year of the tiger...
Here's the link.
To lazy to type it so better just click the link, lots of information about it.


On other note, I celebrated valentine a day earlier. Ed is working late today so I'll be spending to day with me hot aunt, lazing at the pool.

Ed gave me a book for valentine although I've been bugging him since I 1st saw it at a bookfair. I gave him a Manchester United car sticker which is I know... quite lame and cheap.

Then, to the movies!

My review is 3/10.

1. The guy playing Percy Jackson can't act.
2. Predictable story line and probably I guess there'll be a sequel.
3. With that 2 reason why do you need to bother to waste your money watching it at the cinema, just download the movie.

I think I would enjoyed the movie if it show more of the Greek God and Goddess. My favorite part would be the part when Percy went to meet Hades, there's something about Hades that catches my eye. Probably gonna read the book version if I can afford it, the selling price would jump up now that it has a movie.

After the movie, Ed took me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurant, Fish & Co.


Not so yummy.

The fish n Chips is great but can't say that about the pizza tho. It is the worst pizza I ever tasted and the dough taste too much like roti canai. We didn't even finished a piece. We decided to gave the pizza to the puppy I am planning to abduct. Ed gave the restaurant 2/5... (-_-") Sad but true.

The conclusion is I had a good day not as romantic as I fantasize but fun and most importantly I was and am happy spending time with Ed. Thanx love!!!

Note to self: Do not order pizza at Fish n Co.

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