Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey girl it's your birthday, open wide I know you're thirsty...

Last Tuesday was Ciean birthday. To anyone who doesn't know who Ciean is she is my hot aunt. 

The cheese cake!

Party goers. Me looking like shit. LOL

and The Grand Party Tonight!!!
Yes Tonight!

It's actually just another ladies night out but what's interesting is every birthday has a theme.
The birthday girl will choose a theme and everyone must complied to the request (mine was "bling2").
So guess what Miss Ciean picked for her birthday theme?

Alter Ego.

Yes, tonight we are going to be our alter ego.
I like this theme very much because it give us girls to reveal our "unknown" identity.
So I can be a devil or an angel tonight.

I won't reveal yet all the others alter ego, but mine might somewhat similar to this one.

Not sure if I can pull it off though. LOL

Happy Birthday Ciean!!!!

Lets Party Till dawn, Baby!!!


Santafire said...

I have a scary daring alter ego.

-chad- said...

haha..i have to agree..ur aunt is old is she?she doesn't seem very old to i guess she must be the lil sis in ur dad/mom's family...