Friday, February 19, 2010

Borneo Paradise

On Chinese New Year My family and I went on a short Holiday trip. We were planning to go our beautiful Sabah's island but it was fully booked and it was a tad expensive for us. Our solution was to go to a place call Borneo Paradise at Kinarut, Papar. 

So the Lidi clan pack their bags, shopped like tomorrow is Armageddon and prepared a feast that could feed everyone in Tambunan.

A celebrity tag along with us but mind you, he made us all sign a privacy agreement so I can't reveal who he is or he might sued all of us. 

A Perfect picnic spot. 

    Our musician for the day.

Our view while picnicking minus that fat girl (that fat girl is not me). 

You can even play football/soccer and volleyball. 

So what's so special about Borneo Paradise? 
For one thing when the low tide came you can just walk from the beach to the small island nearby. 


or this. 
Bored looking unknown alien. LMAO

Cutie alert! 
From left : Dolphin, Whale and Dugong found stranded. 

Extra Excited YOUNG Adult

We discover a new island.

Very alive sea shell. 

Favorite photo of the moment. Thanx Wiwin!

After playing by the sea shore, "rolling" on the very low tide, we decided to hit the room. We were suppose to make our private pool party but the pool was very unhygienic and crowded. But instead of napping or surfing the internet wiwin, nonok and I went exploring the place. 

  The celebrity joining us for tea. 

"So are you doing anything later?" 

More dangerous than the prisoners in "Lockdown".

Our unique kadazandusun antiques. 

Wiwin with army full of men.
The Fantasy "Ralan". "Ralan" is way in kadazandusun. 

Notice this cute whale in the map?

The Lobby

Dining Area. 

After that we head to the beach for a relaxing sunset walk.

Unknown footsteps. LOL... There's actually a horse ranch nearby. 

Such a beautiful sight but unfortunately it was tainted with;

The common brick.

If you lose you car Tyre you can get 1 here free. 

Plastic, name it. 
Sad but true... This is entirely our fault, the sea couldn't protect itself it is we who suppose to protect it. Not only for us but future generations. Recycle LaH Bah!
Back in our room, there's extra massage service. 

It is a pity for a place to be named Borneo Paradise doesn't seems like one. 

We Are Family!

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