Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey girl it's your birthday, open wide I know you're thirsty...

Last Tuesday was Ciean birthday. To anyone who doesn't know who Ciean is she is my hot aunt. 

The cheese cake!

Party goers. Me looking like shit. LOL

and The Grand Party Tonight!!!
Yes Tonight!

It's actually just another ladies night out but what's interesting is every birthday has a theme.
The birthday girl will choose a theme and everyone must complied to the request (mine was "bling2").
So guess what Miss Ciean picked for her birthday theme?

Alter Ego.

Yes, tonight we are going to be our alter ego.
I like this theme very much because it give us girls to reveal our "unknown" identity.
So I can be a devil or an angel tonight.

I won't reveal yet all the others alter ego, but mine might somewhat similar to this one.

Not sure if I can pull it off though. LOL

Happy Birthday Ciean!!!!

Lets Party Till dawn, Baby!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

RM25 Lesson of life

Your cellphone ringing and you're driving what do you usually do?
If you're a self acclaimed F1 driver like me, you would answer it WITHOUT hands free kit. 
Everybody is doing it and I've been doing it since I started driving. 

Better safe then sorry they say but come on that rarely comes in mind. 

So here's my RM25 Lesson of life no worries for you guys it's free but it cost me RM25 which equivalent to RM100 to my poor life. 
I was on my way to the bank at 1borneo, then my cheap cellphone starts ringing. The ring tone is really annoying (I choose that particular irritating ring tone so I'll always hear people calling me) and it was a friend so I had to answer that call. My left hand holding the cellphone and the other hand on the steering wheel. 
As usual I parked at the basement, press the button, the parking bar elevated and let myself in. 

Found a perfect parking spot, hung up and check myself in the mirror.
And had to pay RM25 for a LOST TICKET.

The parking attendant even asked me TWICE whether the parking ticket is really lost or I just misplaced it. I looked like a dumb bimbo.

So never answer your phone if you're driving.
Not only for this situation but at all time cuz you may not lost your money but something much more precious than that. 


Friday, February 19, 2010

Borneo Paradise

On Chinese New Year My family and I went on a short Holiday trip. We were planning to go our beautiful Sabah's island but it was fully booked and it was a tad expensive for us. Our solution was to go to a place call Borneo Paradise at Kinarut, Papar. 

So the Lidi clan pack their bags, shopped like tomorrow is Armageddon and prepared a feast that could feed everyone in Tambunan.

A celebrity tag along with us but mind you, he made us all sign a privacy agreement so I can't reveal who he is or he might sued all of us. 

A Perfect picnic spot. 

    Our musician for the day.

Our view while picnicking minus that fat girl (that fat girl is not me). 

You can even play football/soccer and volleyball. 

So what's so special about Borneo Paradise? 
For one thing when the low tide came you can just walk from the beach to the small island nearby. 


or this. 
Bored looking unknown alien. LMAO

Cutie alert! 
From left : Dolphin, Whale and Dugong found stranded. 

Extra Excited YOUNG Adult

We discover a new island.

Very alive sea shell. 

Favorite photo of the moment. Thanx Wiwin!

After playing by the sea shore, "rolling" on the very low tide, we decided to hit the room. We were suppose to make our private pool party but the pool was very unhygienic and crowded. But instead of napping or surfing the internet wiwin, nonok and I went exploring the place. 

  The celebrity joining us for tea. 

"So are you doing anything later?" 

More dangerous than the prisoners in "Lockdown".

Our unique kadazandusun antiques. 

Wiwin with army full of men.
The Fantasy "Ralan". "Ralan" is way in kadazandusun. 

Notice this cute whale in the map?

The Lobby

Dining Area. 

After that we head to the beach for a relaxing sunset walk.

Unknown footsteps. LOL... There's actually a horse ranch nearby. 

Such a beautiful sight but unfortunately it was tainted with;

The common brick.

If you lose you car Tyre you can get 1 here free. 

Plastic, name it. 
Sad but true... This is entirely our fault, the sea couldn't protect itself it is we who suppose to protect it. Not only for us but future generations. Recycle LaH Bah!
Back in our room, there's extra massage service. 

It is a pity for a place to be named Borneo Paradise doesn't seems like one. 

We Are Family!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

That is a GOOD IDEA

I know I should have updated my blog after Borneo Paradise but there's a lot of pictures to edit. LOL...
So a Quick Post to preview what you may expect on my next post...
It's probably unrelated to the next post but I just like this photos of Wiwin and I.

This is how we get an IDEA

Wiwin sat thinking about to create a real Doraemon.



Thinking how to cure my constipation issue. 

Uh Huh! B.A.N.A.N.A.S

That's all for now folks

p/s: This blog will have a new look soon. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crazy, Queer, Weird, Eccentric.

I Like Sasha Fierce more than Beyonce. Yes, I do agree the name Lady Gaga does suits her.
Basically I just prefer crazy people like them.
There's no such thing as being sane and normal is Fun.

So lets go crazy... Fuck routine, Fuck normalcy and Fuck Taylor Swift.

The valentine post

Hello ya'll (trip britney dulu), Wanna wish you guys a Happy Chinese New Year, The Year of the Tiger.

This year would be extra properous for those that born in the year of the Tiger.
1986! The year I was born... here's a list for those that born in the year of the tiger...
Here's the link.
To lazy to type it so better just click the link, lots of information about it.


On other note, I celebrated valentine a day earlier. Ed is working late today so I'll be spending to day with me hot aunt, lazing at the pool.

Ed gave me a book for valentine although I've been bugging him since I 1st saw it at a bookfair. I gave him a Manchester United car sticker which is I know... quite lame and cheap.

Then, to the movies!

My review is 3/10.

1. The guy playing Percy Jackson can't act.
2. Predictable story line and probably I guess there'll be a sequel.
3. With that 2 reason why do you need to bother to waste your money watching it at the cinema, just download the movie.

I think I would enjoyed the movie if it show more of the Greek God and Goddess. My favorite part would be the part when Percy went to meet Hades, there's something about Hades that catches my eye. Probably gonna read the book version if I can afford it, the selling price would jump up now that it has a movie.

After the movie, Ed took me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurant, Fish & Co.


Not so yummy.

The fish n Chips is great but can't say that about the pizza tho. It is the worst pizza I ever tasted and the dough taste too much like roti canai. We didn't even finished a piece. We decided to gave the pizza to the puppy I am planning to abduct. Ed gave the restaurant 2/5... (-_-") Sad but true.

The conclusion is I had a good day not as romantic as I fantasize but fun and most importantly I was and am happy spending time with Ed. Thanx love!!!

Note to self: Do not order pizza at Fish n Co.