Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Philippines Adventure

If anyone ask me "did You enjoy your vacation?"...
and I'll answer Definitely!

You can read from my title that this entry will be about the recent trip my family and I went. So here goes, my 9 days at Philippines. Beware this will be a very long entry.

23rd December, the day we board to Clark, Philippines. I woke up that day feeling ecstatic, it's been quite some time since my last trip. But right at the moment to get the boarding pass, every happiness crushed. Our ticket EXPIRED A MONTH AGO and all because of some airhead salesgirl printed out the wrong date on the tickets. But it's partly our fault tho, we never bother to check out the rest of the tickets. At last everything turns out alright, we got ourselves some last minute available seats. 4pm we arrived at Clark, literally throw our luggage as soon as we arrived to our room at Walkabout Hotel and start exploring Angeles City.

I know it's kinda funny a family consist of 4 elderly, 4 young adults and 1 kid to be at Angeles City when it is the Sin City of Philippines. But who cares, when you can get a killer outfit for only 100++ pesos (equivalent to RM7.5 more or less)!!!

My very first picture taken at Angeles City.

And I finally taste real bacon not beef bacon but bacon, bacon. LOL... 1st dinner is at Black Angus situated quite near to our hotel. After getting a Philippines simpack, the starving Lidi clan went straight to the nicest restaurant around and ate like we never ate before. Yes, we are very barbaric at the dinner table.

Tadah!!! Yes... I did gain a few Kilos.

This would be my last meal if I ever get sentenced to death. Seriously... This nachos is so fucking delicious! Anyone that know any place at KK have this please (i'm begging you) contact me right away.

Apple Pie for desert tho that apple pie is sent as an appetizer.

But when you're at Angeles City you just got to check out the bikini bars.

Don't worry I am not planning to work here any time soon. Although I did learn that dancers earn 5000 pesos per month and if you want to get a quickie with the dancers outside bars hours it would cost you about 200 pesos. Not sure if I get my information right tho, feel free to correct me.

3 girls without any escort at all went exploring Angeles City.

Too bad most of the bars have a very strict NO CAMERA rule. The 1st bikini bar we went was rubbish anyway, the girls look mostly under-aged teenage girls and some lady boys with serious need of dirty dancing technique and a much sluttier outfits. If I am not mistaken the bar was Love and Music situated next to Walkabout hotel. It took us each 1 glass of vodka to get the hell outta that place and to a normal live band bar which something I'm used to at KK.

H' Rock cafe = live band and good food. So far better than the bikini bars.

Ordered nachos again. LOL

Nancy's drink was Strawberry PinaColada.

Tried Singapore Sling and LOVE IT.

and Free shots every time we went there.

Let's fast forward to Christmas day... Unfortunately we didn't celebrate it in our usual tradition. No, waking up at 6am for church and no, after church breakfast at our usual restaurant at Tambunan (Gawd... I miss Tambunan so much). But why waste a beautiful sunny day, off we went sight seeing and stumble to Paggor Casino.

This would be my first time at a casino and of course I did tried to bet my luck. But I'm not lucky enough and loose all my betting money tho my brother did win 500 pesos.

Nope... this slot machine is only a replica. Again a strict NO CAMERA rule but the lobby's interior is very nice.

The biggest balls I ever saw.

But our highlight of the day would be...

Partying at The Mansion with Apl De Ap from the Black Eyed Peas (SCREAMS!!!)

Okay... not a very good shot, we were quite far at the back but not far enough for them not to notice us. LMAO... Seriously, we were among the only group in "partay" mode, most of them just stand around acting cool. They even sent Nancy a T'shirt from Apl de Ap clothing line (becouse some jerk snatch it from her).

Our ride that night would be the glamorous Jeepney
Too bad we got cheated on the way there, the driver charge us 500 pesos. I don't really care tho but the other driver charge us only 150 pesos so we gave him 200 for being so nice to us.

The most important thing is we got back to the hotel safely and even get a very early breakfast at McD.

And the next Day... Manila.

We had a panic attack that morning. We thought our flight to Cebu was 8am and ditched by the elderly. I should be still sleeping in my room at that time cuz our transport picked us an hour late.

I slept on the way to Manila and woke up pleasantly surprised at the sight of the beautiful churches.

Due to own ignorance, I forgot to asked the name of the churches. There's just too many interesting things and I was just too excited to asked. (Already asked mum about it, The church's name is St Augustine)

I don't know what's the name of the park. Should have gotten a real Tour Guide for things like these.

Shopping at the Largest Shopping Mall in Asia. SM Mall of Asia =)

Heard "Rudolph the red nose reindeer" and "Jingle bells" repetitively. I swear if I stayed another hour there I would literally shoot myself in the head. Another panic attack occurs where I thought my camera got stolen.

We went to the airport very tired and hungry.


Tadah!!! the next 3 days we spend exploring Cebu City.

So what I did there?
1. Sight seeing at Cebu City.
2. SPA!!!
3. Karaoke at a Local Lounge.
4. Visited Mama Mary at Holy Eucharist Monastery in Simala.
5. Buy handmade shoe at Carcar.
6. More shopping.

Our look of bewilderment. "Where the hell are we?" Turn out we are at a Taoist temple.



My mamatua!

and me...

This is the oldest church at Cebu. The name of the church is Basilica Minore del Santo Nino. A 16th century church built at the spot where the image of Santo Nino was found. Here's a link for more information.

After a long day of sight seeing, we went to a nearby spa.

Nancy and I relaxed ourselves with a 198pesos massage while Wewen and Noi (my siblings) went to the casino upstairs to gamble. Fortunately Wewen won 2000pesos and buy us drinks at the lounge downstairs.

Here's the band and the stage that my brother and I sang our hearts out.

Thank God there's no one else there other than us. LMAO
There's no picture of us on the stage tho there's a video of our little karaoke session, will upload it whenever feel like humiliating myself.

That was day 1 and now Day 2 at Cebu.

Ever heard of The Monastery of Holy Eucharist at Simala? Just google for it and you'll find lots of link and blogs describing Mama Mary. Do remember while visiting holy places you must obey their dress code. Because if you're not dress properly you end up like these 3.

Our penance for wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts. We almost couldn't get in but fortunately there's 3 shawl and all of us bring our own sweaters.

Light a candle to make a wish and hopefully will be granted by Mama Mary.

Everyday there's a rosary prayer held.

Lots of Beautiful Statues.

Buying Shoes at Carcar

My own hand made shoe. Haven't worn it yet tho...

More shopping and then fly to Manilla and get our ass back to Clark.

Back to Angeles City.

Where Fun start all over again.

Our Last Day at the Philippines... Going back to KK at 4 pm but stuck 3 friggin hours at the airport.

Arrived at KK 2 hours before the New Year, weary and ugly as fuck. Get my ass back to my little room and get myself a good sleep. Wake up, feeling weird in a ceiling fan room... saw Edmond sleeping beside me realizing that I am back to my reality. No more holiday just study, eat and loose that Holiday pounds.

Holiday mode will take a long time for me to switch off.

p/s: some pictures are not publish here those who wish to view other pictures feel free to view my travel album. Thank you =)


syameen said...

LUV,LUv,LUv IT!!!!!! I liked this post...from dun wana go asia places ...makes me WOW i need 2 go thre!!!!

I thought u got went to indon jgkan??? wen is it???

SuicideCandy said...

ya... i went to indon dec 2008. LOL... thank you.

Rungitom said...

Wow, great adventure. Wish I gould go somewhere like you did

Gallivanter said...

This has got to be one of the world's many photos in a single post! :-P

I definitely need to visit the Philippines one day...

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... pictures can do much more than words sometimes. =)