Friday, December 11, 2009

LMFAO -I'm in Miami Bitch

This song been played in our local clubs... I dunno when this song 1st came out but I do know that I first heard this song at Firefly. LOL...

LMFAO... Yes, seriously that is the band's name (i google it). Cute name something I always use.
Those who doesn't know what LMFAO stands for (unbelievably, I know).

L- Laughing
M- My
F- Fucking
A- Ass

Here's a link for----> download<----- A good song to dance to and made me want to buy a polka dot bikini. LOL

Like this one

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Nicole Teo said...

LOL....i know dis songggg......but i dont know the title...pernah dengar dlm ABDC..american best dance crew...