Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 1st

I've been neglecting my blog for quite some time... I got so many thing to share and yet i am seem to be getting a writer's block LMAO. It's funny I just consider myself as a writer when all the things I ever written is just simple things about my own simple life. LOL...

The reason why I seem to be MIA for quite some time is:

When I officially turn 23...
I Jacynta R. Lidi crown myself as


Yes, I am, Her Royal Highness Queen of Sloth... wait cancel that I just google for the laziest animal ever and apparently Koala is the laziest animal EVER! Don't believe me?... click this
so I am not the Queen of Sloth but the
Beside somebody might sue me for the title Queen of Sloth. LMAO...

So Beta (not the math symbol) decided to stop writing for a while and focus to continue my royal duty as the Queen of Koala and sleep all day minus the low calorie diet tho, because I'm the Queen so I don't need low calorie diet to hang on a tree, I have my own royal throne. So I'm a fat Queen... LOL..

Damn I look more like a Jester than a Queen.

Anyway... I am gonna update this blog after I am finish with my royal duty.


Nancy said...

Haha! I am the QUEEN OF SLOTH and *DRUM ROLL* I found the KING!!!!

Rungitom said...

Make way for the the Queen on duty, *ba dum tss~*