Saturday, November 21, 2009

Troublemaker by Ali Samadi feat Candy and Young Stunna

I can't believe this single is by our local artiste. The truth is I never heard of Ali Samadi or Young Stunna. The only reason I listen to this song is Candy.... You guys remember Candy right? The girl from Tambunan... from Af 5 or 4... (I'm not sure...not a big fan of Af).

Well anyway... We should support our local artiste especially when they're this good.

And Candy is looking good this days compare to the other Af graduates. LOL... I hardly recognize her when I first saw her pictures.

Anyway... This picture is from her FaceBook account, anyone want to see more pictures of her, just type "Candy Clement" on the search bar at Facebook.

Thank God for Makeup!

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