Sunday, November 22, 2009

Surviving a Boring Sunday

You're at home alone.
No sms or calls from ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS! (traitors! hmph!)
YOUR FAMILY is outta town.

Then I welcome you to the club.
Today got to be the most BORING SUNDAY I ever had.
Everyone is BUSY... and I'm too broke...

There should be a survival kit to survive this kind of Sunday. I haven't google about it yet but rather than google I'll create my own survival kit. Here goes...


This is my pet at Pet Society, say hi to Bontung! (named after my dead cat).

I also play

So please add me and JOIN MY MAFIA, ENTOURAGE, also don't forget to be my NEIGHBOR. ;)

2. Play with your make up. (if you're a guy or "non girly" girl, and you're reading this too bad for you)... :P

I love makeup but my makeup skill sucks... I don't even know how to pick the right eyeshadow palette without referring to Ciean (to anyone doesn't know her she's my hot aunt).

Thank God for YouTube!

Tadah!!! The makeup solution for all clueless girl out there! Michelle Phan is the perfect makeup guru for us!

It is essential for us girls to sharpen (is that a right word to put it) our makeup skill. So when you go out you'll be super HOT for any event! Because there is NO SUCH THING AS NATURAL BEAUTY! If you want to argue about this please read----> this<----- Let all women that want to be portray as natural beauty, don't shave their armpits, don't wear any perfume, don't wash or bath and better yet go naked because clothes are design to make people look good unless you're a Neanderthal. All those beautiful ladies on TV all wear MAKEUP!!!

Okay... enough of me justifying my opinion on this subject. LOL...

3. Then after playing with makeup... what's next?
CAMWHORE! (no... I didn't mean "CAMWHORE")

But this :D

There are more pictures than this.. I mean who doesn't like snapping their own picture? I can named 10 person (more than 10 actually) in my friends list that have their own self picture album.

4. What to do after snapping those pictures? PHOTOSHOP... don't give me that shit about not photoshopping your picture...

Yes, mostly i photoshop my pictures unless I am too lazy to do it... Hey, photoshop require real hardwork to enhance that photos.

Those photoshop picture will be PERFECT as a profile picture.
As you can see from my facebook badge.

5. Watch your favorite cartoon or anime. Yes, even if you've already watched them.

My pick is...

Chi... The most adorable kitten ever!!! A bad pick tho cuz it is 5 minutes per episode. LOL

Last... well... I guess all of that will waste your time for hours, if it doesn't... Repeat again with different makeup tutorial and rather than watching anime, watch a looooooonnnnggggg movie.

still bored?


Thank god it's over...


taragang_saru said...

play all your facebook games indeed.mcm nda terasa tu masa berlalu xD

Rungitom said...

Interesting, you're doing it right to take time filling up Sun-Day

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... glad you guys agree with me. :)

Rungitom said...

should change the label to CrazyCyn Sunday though :3

Nancy said...

First of all, THANK U 100X for saying it out loud that me is HOT, LOL. and enjoyed this entry , loving the camwhore piccies and been a long time since I camwhore at home.