Thursday, October 8, 2009

David Guetta ft Akon Sexy Chic

This MV is fucking HOT. Heard this song been played over and over again at club hitz (every saturday and sunday at and I am haunted by this song. This is definitely a good club hits.

I'm a fan of Akon even though most of his lyrics seems to be about "making love" and women's beauty (especially if that women has a big butt) but all his song has awesome beat that make me wanna dance.

One thing that i wont admit (before) is I hate MV girls cuz they just look fucking perfect with awesome outfits. Shit... I'm so gonna buy some slutty outfit for wewen's birthday and of cuz whore's shoes.

Come dance with me =)

* why girls (even if they're 100% straight) can kiss each other but guys can't?*
I wanna see straight guys kissing each other...*pout* PLEASE....

i'm just being silly... no offence dude.


Jessica_Lyne said...

I would pay to see that too! haha. but they must be extremely hot, straight and not my boyfriend :D

Nicole Teo said...

like the song eh....mmg club hit.....

Hunky said...

damn that vid was hot!

you joking? you wanna see guys kiss eachother...


keyNaMuach! said...

owh god i also want to buy some slutty outfits! cool.