Monday, August 10, 2009

Kudat 09

Last saturday I was on a field trip to Kudat. It was awesome!!! and I almost forgot that the purpose of our trip is to study the structure of the "Rumah Panjang Rungus". It is one of the last authentic "Rumah Panjang" in Sabah. I never been there before and felt privilege to see and learn how our ancestors used to lived when there's no such thing as technology.
It should be our National Treasure and preserve it for the future generation so that we will not forget where we come from.

Though I am very ashamed of myself that I knew very little of my own culture, I am one of those ignorant youngster who thinks nothing but Pop Culture that is eating out my own ethnicity.
But My soul will be salvage, I promise myself I will learn my own culture and love it of cuz will preserve it so that my kids will now "WTF is Guas". Guas apparently is tree in Dusun (@ciean wuz LOL when she realize I have no clue WTF is Guas) and I just knew it last week from a composition of a 13 year old student from a rural village at Kota Belud (thanx for the picture Jen.. To view----> CLICK THIS!<----)

And Here and Some of the pictures taken on the Field Trip.

The very nice Uncle who lets us annoy him by asking thousands of question and some of them even repeatedly asked.

Dunno if anyone realize it but there's a frog inside the Rumah Panjang and very cute one!

Who needs a wallpaper when you can get this!

Our guide. I couldn't get close to him cuz the whole class seems to gather near him. Poor Uncle he must be suffocating with 86 eager students is crowding in front of him. LOL

Things we won't see anywhere the stone is to create sparks thus FIRE exist. Not quite sure what's the boot for though.

Loving every seconds of our 1st Field Trip. It was fun, great bonding time for classmates and afterward we got to see "Simpang Mengayau" The Tip Of Borneo. It was fun cuz most of us still sakai and being there is just superb!!! Tho there's quite a few accidents occur due to the slippery stones. Thank God Nobody Got Seriously Hurt.

and Of cuz I always buy something to remind me of the place so I buy this Uber cool traditional Choker!

I was The Mask Rider.

Stay healthy you guys cuz I'm not right now... am bit under the weather nothing serious tho.

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