Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I need a ciggie break

Fathafucker... I hate this presentation 2day..
I feel like a clown talking to myself...

My heart was pounding, whole body sweating and I really don't have the clue about every single thing I ramble about. All I know is I talk TOO DAMN LOUD... I should just sew my mouth to half so that I wont talk again... FUCK!!!!!!

The whole thing was a disaster from the start... It was a last minute job and to top that, one of our group mate is MIA... But I guess everything ends well.. Some of them applause, some of them snickered... One thing for sure I won't be presenting any time soon...

I'm no public speaker... I'm usually the one making fun of people out front and not paying attention, not wanting anyone paying attention on me. Shit.. my head keep repeating that scene, and I want to cry...alone in my bed, hiding inside my blanket and maybe disappear... do a face surgery ( i want face like angelina jolie), then fake I.D, run away to a different country and be a stripper... if I'm lucky some rich guy would want to make me his mistress then I'll be partying all the time in IBIZA baby!

LMAO... owh well I may suck but I'm so fucking glad that it's over!

U know You LOve Me.

p/s: Last sunday I went to a photoshoot... here's a link for the video shoot.
------> PHOTOSHOOT SESSION<----- Photo taken by Mr George Duat

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