Saturday, July 18, 2009

Somewhere beyond the sea

I spend the wholeday on FB and twitter, occasionally checkin out some of my other networking sites. I've been multitasking on the internet and i haven't even started to do any of my homework or assignments. SHIT!!! and tomorrow is sunday and suppose to be my leisure day when I can sleep all day long.

Haiya... since my on going battle with procrastination (LMAO I know someone who hates that word!) is pointless might as well enjoy it but in the end it will eat u up. I am just blabbering here, please don't take me seriously. I am pretending to be someone with deep thoughts so I look cool. SHIT!!! I'm too workout on something that I haven't starting doing, just thinking about it made me feel jumpy and moody. SHIT!!! Anyway those who are close to me, this is a warning that I am partly pyschotic so any harm done by me probably lead to disaster.

I am going to sign off and will try to concentrate doing my mandarin homework and
Wish me luck

God Bless The Bitch Queen

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