Monday, July 20, 2009

Public enemies

This is the movie to watch!
Everything about is so good, the performance by the actors, the action scene and even the lurve scene (even though it is censored in Malaysian cinema I can imagine Johnny Depp is one heck of a good lover!)

I've been googling like crazy for Johnny Depp's picture from the movie. I'm a fan of Johnny Depp since I saw him as Edward Scissorshand. He's my definition of a perfect man not just physically but everything about him is perfect for me (I like eccentric guy, so what?).

So here goes My review of the film...

Public Enemies is based on a true story about the original Public Enemy No.1 John Dillinger. The movie start off with John Dillenger infamous jail breakout until his death. The movie also include his love story with Billie Frechette, which include a very heart breaking moment when Billie was capture by the Chicago Police and Johnny tries to rescue her but then change his mind because it will lead to his own capture. Beside Billie is sentence to only 2 years jail and John was gonna attempt the biggest robbery but he died before he did it.

And here are some eye candy from the movie.

The Real John Dillenger

And his corpse.

And Mr Johnny Depp

Let Me Dream..


Nicole Teo said... movie ini la ni......

taragang_saru said...

the storyline was a little bit confusing at first but johhny depp perfomance was fantastic.
probably would've enjoyed it more if i had any lesson in knowing american famous convicts xD