Friday, July 10, 2009

Pretty Young Thing

Tonight I'm gonna be partying... Guess it's gonna be good for me in a sense that I need something to release this tension inside my head, probably it will help me to accept whatever circumstances it maybe...

I guess... I got nothing much to say, even though there's a lot of recent news about the world... There's a lot of thing we should kinda think about such as the PPSMI issue, MJ funeral etc...

Well... I'm in the mood to express my feelings and opinion about MJ... I don't really know him that well except that he is an eccentric king of pop. I was shocked to hear about his sudden death, but to be honest I don't think I was THAT sad about it. It is sad but PEOPLE DO DIE SOMEDAY and I agree with the Reverend (i'm too damn lazy to google) in MJ's memorial... don't say goodbye but say THANK YOU for what MJ has given to us, his music that will last forever in our hearts becouse he is a legend. So to those that pretend to be devastated about MJ's death, BOO to you... cuz i'm sure that you never even bought any of MJ's album or even a big fan of his while he was alive.

yes I am that conceited, sued me (but i'm damn broke so you probably won't get nothing).

I was gonna blog about this local delicacy but haven't research it properly. Anyway... I think i postpone it too long and I tried internet and I dont think there's anyone ever blog about this yet, or probably has but google search result is zero.


This is one of my favorite local food.
It's made of sticky rice and inside could be nuts, or pork with mushroom, or chicken, that's the only selection though... LOL..
And... it is wrapped using some kinda leaf that I am not sure about... is it 'pandan leaf'?
See I can really explain about this food that well and it is frustrating that I couldn't promote this delicious food! Anyway...anyone that knows about Kou chung should comment on this entry cuz it will be really helpful...

Come On Lets Party With Me...

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