Friday, July 24, 2009

The land of the LOST

Just watch this movie, literally 2 hours ago!!! For anyone who is stress out over work and assignments need to see this movie like RIGHT NOW. And I am not exaggerating all of this, becouse I was a bit stress today (who wouldn't be?)...

This movie has a lot of slapstick joke in it that will make you laugh out loud. It's a fun movie to watch with group of your closest friends. Starring Will Ferrell as Dr Rick Marshall, this movie is about a scientist with out of the ordinary idea and is criticize for it. His idea was time warp traveling through parallel dimension to find a new dimension in between future and the past thus 'Land of the Lost'. Dr Rick Marshall invented tachyon amplifier that will enable him to do so.
The funniest scene for me is when the T-Rex a.k.a Grumpy leaves a ball sized walnut, gift wrapped after Dr Rick Marshall explains to the others that T-Rex's brain is a sized of a walnut. This movie is full ridiculous characters that will make you lough. There's one scene that I just couldn't stand to watch, it was when Dr Rick Marshall pour dinosaur's urine all over himself and even drink it because he believe it will mask his scent from 'Grumpy'.

Although in some way, this movie kinda represent real life in a way. Everyone will lough out loud and criticize every time a new idea that seems too good or ridiculous. Look around you, whatever you may be holding right now has been ridicule and tested over and over again before it is perfect and now is another item of norm. So if you have a dream you should go forward with it, work hard to get your vision right no matter what. Although it is easier to just talk or brag about it then to do it for real(reminds me of a particular person).

SHUT UP and put your money where your mouth is - Katy Perry-


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