Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It is a dawn of a new era.

Or... it's just something plain and ordinary twisted by words to sound as if it is THAT interesting...WTF?
School has started for crying out loud, am I doom to have a mental breakdown like Sam Witwickey? LOL... Anyway I haven't touch any allspark fragment lately so, mine probably gonna be a real one. LOL.

It's only the second day of school and I am already having a mental breakdown...
Anyway... The reason this might be because of I am hoping that my application to add some subjects will be approve.... *sigh*... I really have to take those subjects or.. it will be a 100% guarantee that I'll be graduating much later than my other course mate... which is gonna be a bummer. But everything happened because of me anyway... If I hadn't been such a 'low budget drama queen', I wouldn't end up like this...

Forget about my misery... Probably most of you already watch (sing it with me!!!) Transformer! Robots in disguise. It was awesome! I love every part of it except the lovey dovey stuff though... And I don't think Megan Fox can act... I mean Shia Lebeof is HOT and he can really act. Megan Fox is just another eye candy and I think the movie is better without her and that slutty tongue robot LOL. (or maybe I am just jealous.. LMAO)

Am I gonna be sharing the same fate as the fallen?

LOL... I am still awed by that Movie...

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