Sunday, July 19, 2009

Desperate Desperado

When you look decent enough on your profile picture, you'll probably get a lot of fan mail.
You'll probably get a lot mail saying 'YOU HOT! WANT TO GET KNOW YOU' (yes, the grammar error is a part of most of the mails).

Sometimes it is flattering... It can be annoying though if you're inbox overloaded with mails such as this. Mostly the mails is harmless, most of them won't bother to mail you twice if you don't reply it, and even if they did it will be as if they copy and paste the 1st mail they sent you.

But then I got one very obnoxious mail from friendster.

You may enlarge it to read.
This guy is one of those who mail you and rudely DEMAND for your phone number. (reminds me one of Jess's entry... Click pretty dirty mess to go directly to her blog)
And Of cuz I IGNORE it.

But then he mail me again the second time
WTF!!!!? COME 2 ME?! Dude seriously! Are you just ignorant or too dumb to realize I'm not into you? You don't even post your real picture on your profile, not even in my friends list and you got the nerve to say COME 2 ME?!
Maybe I am PMS-ing (God, blame it on the period) But this cocky guy expected me to give in and gave me his phone number. As if I mistakenly deleted his mail and hoping that he'll mail me back. He's not even charming in a way that made you feel flattered.

A note for the desperate desperado out there if you haven't been laid for a long3 time and your only 'in relationship' status is with your hand, I propose you try to be nice and charming because that will probably help you win some hearts. AND DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE GIRL'S RELATIONSHIP STATUS! You can't score with a girl who is happily in a relationship. If You are looking for a One night stand, I suggest 'KAMPUNG AIR' a place where you can hire a prostitute.

And so I end this entry, by saying to ZOY... YOU CAN JUST DROP DEAD ASSHOLE!!!

Damn... I'm turning into a SUPER BITCH.

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Rungitom said...

I didn't quite have any reactions on the first pic coz I see it everytime on social networking site. But the second one I Lol'd. Come to me? Lol wut? what is he? master hypnotist? I think he lost the kampung Air ho's contact number.