Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My RM17 sunglasses

Anyone who follows my twitter and Facebook knows that last Friday I went to our local Night Market to get some cheap sunglasses because...

LOL... That is funny, usually people will proudly parade with pretentious shout out telling the whole world about designer's Brands, stuff that cost much more than any of my books and cost a hell lot more than my weekly allowance. Our world has turn into a designer's brand obsession, "Lord Have Mercy on Us"...
I admit it even I, want to own something expensive like that because it will show that you are "living the life" (add snob expression). But as a poor struggling student with income solely depend on my parents and my ever so kind bf... I can only afford a fake so yes... you may ridicule me, you may say; "better not buy if you can't buy the original" (add smirks here).

anyway... Those who wish to visit KK local Night Market, it is located at 2 places.
1. Sinsuran Street
2. Kg. Air Street

every Friday, Wednesday and Sunday... (anyone correct me if I'm wrong)

But... I still look better than YOU with your so-called designer's sunglasses...

I just HEART Aviator sunglasses.

p/s: Though spending RM17 for a sunglasses is still too much.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Party all the Time

If we could party all night and sleep all day and Throw all problems away...

If such thing only exist, i would immediately trade my life now.
But things doesn't work that way... Life ain't fair...
So... every seconds of my life is dedicated to make my life to a better one...

I don't wanna stuck in a 9 - 5 job...
I don't wanna stuck in some hotel as a receptionist...
I don't wanna create some fantasy to make others believe my life is fabulous....
I don't wanna depend on others to gimme the life I wanted...
I don't wanna struggle forever...

so it's okay... My life might be suck now but one day it will be something that I want...
And I can finally say 'My life is Easy'...
missing Daisy Petrus so much...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Midnight's Rain

Nothing beats the sound of rain drops on a zinc.... For some it might be noisy but strangely it's soothing for me, kinda like a childhood lullaby. I am not some rich glamorous beautiful person, no one would look at me twice, no one would snap my pics... The closest thing to glamor I ever felt was when I went to the academy fantasia (not as a contestant though just a chaperoned for my cousin) and was photographed by the photographer.

Today could be one of the most boring day I ever had... I've done nothing other than household chores and laying on my bed PSing pictures. I just love black and white photo cuz it looks elegant and classic. Nothing beats the black and white photos, it can magically make a bad picture look artsy than it seems to be. LOL...

WTF... I'm just rambling here... Imagining that I will soon own a DSLR... *sigh*


Friday, July 24, 2009

The land of the LOST

Just watch this movie, literally 2 hours ago!!! For anyone who is stress out over work and assignments need to see this movie like RIGHT NOW. And I am not exaggerating all of this, becouse I was a bit stress today (who wouldn't be?)...

This movie has a lot of slapstick joke in it that will make you laugh out loud. It's a fun movie to watch with group of your closest friends. Starring Will Ferrell as Dr Rick Marshall, this movie is about a scientist with out of the ordinary idea and is criticize for it. His idea was time warp traveling through parallel dimension to find a new dimension in between future and the past thus 'Land of the Lost'. Dr Rick Marshall invented tachyon amplifier that will enable him to do so.
The funniest scene for me is when the T-Rex a.k.a Grumpy leaves a ball sized walnut, gift wrapped after Dr Rick Marshall explains to the others that T-Rex's brain is a sized of a walnut. This movie is full ridiculous characters that will make you lough. There's one scene that I just couldn't stand to watch, it was when Dr Rick Marshall pour dinosaur's urine all over himself and even drink it because he believe it will mask his scent from 'Grumpy'.

Although in some way, this movie kinda represent real life in a way. Everyone will lough out loud and criticize every time a new idea that seems too good or ridiculous. Look around you, whatever you may be holding right now has been ridicule and tested over and over again before it is perfect and now is another item of norm. So if you have a dream you should go forward with it, work hard to get your vision right no matter what. Although it is easier to just talk or brag about it then to do it for real(reminds me of a particular person).

SHUT UP and put your money where your mouth is - Katy Perry-


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sabahan Language

* Note I am writing using sabahan rojak(malay/english) slang*

Gini bha... malas eh... Panat gila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sepatutnya nda la... but I mean kira penat jua la, lari-lari bawa bag turun naik tangga di sktm tu. Yala... walaupun aku bawa laptop ja n a few books yang berat gila! and sy tidak brapa rajin lagi belajar sekarang walaupun masuk list paling bawah pun masih ada niat maw postpone buat assignment. LOL

Sekarang minggu ke3... masih lagi malas pigi kelas... bulih2 lagi p tanya taragang saru class cancel ka nda, turns out cancel jua la. Tp semangat maw p kelas 2 bha! Hai... nasib baik ada rakan seperjuanganku FARHANAH EZZAH dan SITI SUHAILA mereka lah menjadi sumber inspirasiku untuk rajin. Klu nda mimang 100% sy slalu lupa pigi kelas... sudalah balik2 sesat di sktm's maze...kima...

Skrg di sy di megalab n malas maw berpikir, rasa malas maw pigi kelas pun masih banyak.. cam maw escape join durang nancy p makan. Benci lagi ne, sejak2 start sikul slalu kena left out due to perkara2 yang sy tidak dapat elak. Tiapa la... muga-muga klu sy rajin sikit pigi kelas ne ada jua ilmu yang kena serap di otak. Duit pun indada suda... Student sy 2 org maw pindah skool meaning income sy kurang la... trus terpikir maw pigi rumah ke rumah punya tuition tp banyak masa terbuang bha 2 and I will be too fucking tired too think. Mcm there's something wrong with my body... Aku nda pernah pigi WHOLE BODY CHECKUP... Ya, i must be lucky la or mungkin alien pasal macam telampau sihat pla ne. LMAO... Tp betul bha... nda pernah ne pigi even dental checkup pun paling last 2003, last kali p clinic utk checkup pun time kena langgar 2 ari, PALING LAST TU!...

Mungkin sy patut pigi la... capat penat bha sy skrg, sikit2 pun penat... 1 bdn lenguh bgs klu angkat baras 50kg... LOL... k la... sign off dulu... sepa2 yang nda paham apa sy ckp ne.. pedulila kamu... at least I have said what need to said and let it all out so i'll feel a bit lighter.. LOL..

I'm a bad girl gone Good..?

4 in the morning

And it is literally 4 in the morning. I can't sleep there's no particular reason for that, it's just that I woke up and I can't go to sleep again. Today is another day of intellectual awakening... NOT!
I don't feel inspired or anything, just trying to live another day, probably something good will happen... I dunno...

Yesterday while waiting for the bank to open up, I was staring at the bank staffs, watching their enthusiasm for the early morning briefing and I thought ' man... I'm gonna hate myself if I someday will work in a bank', don't get me wrong I don't hate bank employees (my dad used to be one) just that I couldn't imagine myself stuck in the same cubicle or counter for an 1 hour let alone for 9 friggin hours. Sure... I'll be one of them who'll show up early to work, socially could get along well with other co-workers but probably in a year or two... I'll kill myself. And I'm serious about that. LOL

My childhood dream was plain and simple... to be honest I never thought I would end up taking civil in university, heck... I never think I end up in university... Well, naive as it may sound... I used to dream to be a mangaka or comic artist (but my art wouldn't involve any superhero), nothing commercialize like Sailormoon or Dragonball but more like Remember by Benjamin Zhang (there's alist of mangaka that used to be my idol but my memory replace it for vectors).

But then as years gone by... I forget the dream I used to have, my fingers that used to have carbon marks is now clean. My sketch books put away in a box, I used to be awake at this time and sketching my heart away, trying to improve everyday so that my art is worthy to be shown to the world. But... now all of it locked away in a dusty box. I still sketch though in my note books, doodling whatever it is on my mind at that time.

By Benjamin Zhang Bin.

Maybe if I was that good I won't stop... or maybe I just got lost through a maze where there is no exits.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Public enemies

This is the movie to watch!
Everything about is so good, the performance by the actors, the action scene and even the lurve scene (even though it is censored in Malaysian cinema I can imagine Johnny Depp is one heck of a good lover!)

I've been googling like crazy for Johnny Depp's picture from the movie. I'm a fan of Johnny Depp since I saw him as Edward Scissorshand. He's my definition of a perfect man not just physically but everything about him is perfect for me (I like eccentric guy, so what?).

So here goes My review of the film...

Public Enemies is based on a true story about the original Public Enemy No.1 John Dillinger. The movie start off with John Dillenger infamous jail breakout until his death. The movie also include his love story with Billie Frechette, which include a very heart breaking moment when Billie was capture by the Chicago Police and Johnny tries to rescue her but then change his mind because it will lead to his own capture. Beside Billie is sentence to only 2 years jail and John was gonna attempt the biggest robbery but he died before he did it.

And here are some eye candy from the movie.

The Real John Dillenger

And his corpse.

And Mr Johnny Depp

Let Me Dream..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Desperate Desperado

When you look decent enough on your profile picture, you'll probably get a lot of fan mail.
You'll probably get a lot mail saying 'YOU HOT! WANT TO GET KNOW YOU' (yes, the grammar error is a part of most of the mails).

Sometimes it is flattering... It can be annoying though if you're inbox overloaded with mails such as this. Mostly the mails is harmless, most of them won't bother to mail you twice if you don't reply it, and even if they did it will be as if they copy and paste the 1st mail they sent you.

But then I got one very obnoxious mail from friendster.

You may enlarge it to read.
This guy is one of those who mail you and rudely DEMAND for your phone number. (reminds me one of Jess's entry... Click pretty dirty mess to go directly to her blog)
And Of cuz I IGNORE it.

But then he mail me again the second time
WTF!!!!? COME 2 ME?! Dude seriously! Are you just ignorant or too dumb to realize I'm not into you? You don't even post your real picture on your profile, not even in my friends list and you got the nerve to say COME 2 ME?!
Maybe I am PMS-ing (God, blame it on the period) But this cocky guy expected me to give in and gave me his phone number. As if I mistakenly deleted his mail and hoping that he'll mail me back. He's not even charming in a way that made you feel flattered.

A note for the desperate desperado out there if you haven't been laid for a long3 time and your only 'in relationship' status is with your hand, I propose you try to be nice and charming because that will probably help you win some hearts. AND DON'T FORGET TO CHECK THE GIRL'S RELATIONSHIP STATUS! You can't score with a girl who is happily in a relationship. If You are looking for a One night stand, I suggest 'KAMPUNG AIR' a place where you can hire a prostitute.

And so I end this entry, by saying to ZOY... YOU CAN JUST DROP DEAD ASSHOLE!!!

Damn... I'm turning into a SUPER BITCH.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Somewhere beyond the sea

I spend the wholeday on FB and twitter, occasionally checkin out some of my other networking sites. I've been multitasking on the internet and i haven't even started to do any of my homework or assignments. SHIT!!! and tomorrow is sunday and suppose to be my leisure day when I can sleep all day long.

Haiya... since my on going battle with procrastination (LMAO I know someone who hates that word!) is pointless might as well enjoy it but in the end it will eat u up. I am just blabbering here, please don't take me seriously. I am pretending to be someone with deep thoughts so I look cool. SHIT!!! I'm too workout on something that I haven't starting doing, just thinking about it made me feel jumpy and moody. SHIT!!! Anyway those who are close to me, this is a warning that I am partly pyschotic so any harm done by me probably lead to disaster.

I am going to sign off and will try to concentrate doing my mandarin homework and
Wish me luck

God Bless The Bitch Queen

Ride you in the border line

Funny it seems like people enjoys the sight of other humiliating themselves..
I guess it is entertaining in a sense that made you feel you're better than that particular person.
Yesterday I acted too much like a drama queen... But I don't think I regret anything I said.

Anyway... I don't wanna talk about whatever it is in my mind yesterday...
I take a bow and leave the stage.


My TV is broken and I dunno how to fix it even with guidance and tips from Charlie, I'm afraid I failed and probably makes it much more worst than before cuz I can turn it on again. LMAO.

What do YOU get when THIS GIRL




Friday, July 17, 2009



Dear Liar,
Please don't bother to contact me, I so don't want to be involve in your fantasy world. In fact my life has no place for someone like YOU and please don't bother to keep in touch with me. If you ever contact me in any way at all. I will publish your name and expose your 'skeleton in the closet'.

and also Liar! don't bother to comment this entry. You may remove yourself as a follower.

This is just a message and a wake up call to a lonely guy living in his pathetic fantasy, pretending he's more special than normal people when the truth is he's nothing but a douche bag.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I got So MUCH LOVe

It seems as if I've been pumped by some magic fuel call...

I failed to get the extra credit hours that I am so desperately needed. If my dad find out about this he'll probably scold me and Mom would nag me to death. Thank God they didn't know about this yet. Well, I will tell them...One of these days... until I manage to get everything right in my life. Time is passing too damn fast and corny as it is... 'every seconds counts'.

I just can't let any second pass right under my nose without doing something to improve my life. I am 23 for godsake! I got another 2 years to grad and I am too old to delay important things in my life (marriage is outta question!).


Sunday, July 12, 2009

The BED experience

What the fuck is a BED experience?
BED is a short form for

and it kept a heck of a good job to live up to its name.
BED is Located at KK's Waterfront is packed with club goers from all over the world every weekend.
This is the Place where you wanna PARTY all night long.

From Live band to crazy mixes by The DJ of the night.
Performance by Image a Filipino Band serving 3 hot sexy girls as their main course. LOL
That is the grosses way to put, anyway the band featuring 3 Hot Ladies as their lead singers.

With a big ass spacious dance floor, you won't worry to knock anyone down while shaking your tail feathers. SHAKE THAT BOOTAY!!!

But if dancing is not your thing BED provided large sitting area at the bar with a front row view of the band. Those who prefer privacy for their own "private party" (if you know what I means LOL), there's 2 private room for VIPs and a raised area for your bird eye view of the whole club. There is also an outside area to escape for a moment from the loud blaring music.

We absolutely cannot forget one of the main reason to go clubbing, yes... that is to get drunk and a bad hangover the next day. Drinks prices are average, regulars usually opted to buy by the bottle such as Johnny walker or Chivas Regal which is constantly on promotion.

Regulars could booked earlier for bottles and table. BED even provided a service to store the unfinished bottle for your next visit.

So what are you waiting for?
The Music is good, alcohol flowing non stop.
And You Know what's THE BIGGEST REASON for you to check out this club?

4 RED BLOODED WOMEN (the other one is the self acclaim designated driver/photographer/blogger/diva) will be waiting to PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG WITH YA!

So come party with us!
Everyone is welcome.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pretty Young Thing

Tonight I'm gonna be partying... Guess it's gonna be good for me in a sense that I need something to release this tension inside my head, probably it will help me to accept whatever circumstances it maybe...

I guess... I got nothing much to say, even though there's a lot of recent news about the world... There's a lot of thing we should kinda think about such as the PPSMI issue, MJ funeral etc...

Well... I'm in the mood to express my feelings and opinion about MJ... I don't really know him that well except that he is an eccentric king of pop. I was shocked to hear about his sudden death, but to be honest I don't think I was THAT sad about it. It is sad but PEOPLE DO DIE SOMEDAY and I agree with the Reverend (i'm too damn lazy to google) in MJ's memorial... don't say goodbye but say THANK YOU for what MJ has given to us, his music that will last forever in our hearts becouse he is a legend. So to those that pretend to be devastated about MJ's death, BOO to you... cuz i'm sure that you never even bought any of MJ's album or even a big fan of his while he was alive.

yes I am that conceited, sued me (but i'm damn broke so you probably won't get nothing).

I was gonna blog about this local delicacy but haven't research it properly. Anyway... I think i postpone it too long and I tried internet and I dont think there's anyone ever blog about this yet, or probably has but google search result is zero.


This is one of my favorite local food.
It's made of sticky rice and inside could be nuts, or pork with mushroom, or chicken, that's the only selection though... LOL..
And... it is wrapped using some kinda leaf that I am not sure about... is it 'pandan leaf'?
See I can really explain about this food that well and it is frustrating that I couldn't promote this delicious food! Anyway...anyone that knows about Kou chung should comment on this entry cuz it will be really helpful...

Come On Lets Party With Me...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It is a dawn of a new era.

Or... it's just something plain and ordinary twisted by words to sound as if it is THAT interesting...WTF?
School has started for crying out loud, am I doom to have a mental breakdown like Sam Witwickey? LOL... Anyway I haven't touch any allspark fragment lately so, mine probably gonna be a real one. LOL.

It's only the second day of school and I am already having a mental breakdown...
Anyway... The reason this might be because of I am hoping that my application to add some subjects will be approve.... *sigh*... I really have to take those subjects or.. it will be a 100% guarantee that I'll be graduating much later than my other course mate... which is gonna be a bummer. But everything happened because of me anyway... If I hadn't been such a 'low budget drama queen', I wouldn't end up like this...

Forget about my misery... Probably most of you already watch (sing it with me!!!) Transformer! Robots in disguise. It was awesome! I love every part of it except the lovey dovey stuff though... And I don't think Megan Fox can act... I mean Shia Lebeof is HOT and he can really act. Megan Fox is just another eye candy and I think the movie is better without her and that slutty tongue robot LOL. (or maybe I am just jealous.. LMAO)

Am I gonna be sharing the same fate as the fallen?

LOL... I am still awed by that Movie...

Friday, July 3, 2009

what a good day feels like?

1 week stuck in between random sickness just leave me exhousted...

Then suddenly...
I woke up with the sun shining on my face... and instead of being irritated I felt like Beyonce at her music video 'halo' where the part she and her supposedly bf woke up, minus the make up though.
It's a usual morning anyway... I gotta get up early to send Ed to work.
I was in a cheery mood... I even sing along to almost all the song inside my MP3.
Then I checked my result and was pleasantly happy about it, it's not good but it gave me hope in a sense...
I called my mom to tell her about it, I went window shopping with Nancy...
Ed gave me chocolates as a present.
When I was about to go to sleep, a friend called and gave me 5 free tops.
It was good day to me...

But it struck me pretty odd that things have been going almost exactly the way I wanted. I don't know whether it is all just coincidence... The morning I woke up was the 1st day I woke up without any pain. I was expecting a bad result but turn out to be something that I wanted it to be. While window shopping I was hoping to find a bargain top (less than rm20) but instead of buying one I got 5 free. The chocolates Ed gave me was my favorite and been ages since i sink my teeth in those delicious chocolates (cuz it's too expensive lar for me).

Okay I'm getting to my point... All this reminds me of a short story by Haruki Murakami, "Chance Traveller"... Anyone read that short story would understand why I felt a bit deja vu (I was finishing a book by Haruki Murakami btw). Something that you hope or think about happened to you accidently that made you feel hopeful.

But TODAY was the total opposite...
The day That Have Been Saved for PARTY PURPOSES
is rob, snatch by evil culprits.
Not only becouse of this tedious, stupid flu that existed suddenly without giving any alarm(even Amber is feeling a bit under the weather), a person that CANCEL on us without any NOTICE! Now let see if there's anything else will hit us eh?

Cheers to the good days in our life...
It's not everyday that things seems to be going your way.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


na kan... what can I say.. next week school start...
I guess all I can do is...
PARTY HARD!!!!!!!!!!