Saturday, June 6, 2009

Revealing the skeleton inside.

Before I revealed 10 things you don't wanna know about me, give me a chance to justify myself. I am a mere human being with lots of flaw, some you can see clearly and some may be hidden to make me look slighty better. Although I do think some things are better hidden but I'm in the mood to confessed (and I am to hungover to analysis and think about the consequences afterwards, I might consider suicide LOL).

So here goes...

1. I sooooo... fucking HATE using Public Toilet. Even in hotels! and will only use for emergency's emergency. (I hate to know that the toilet seat I am about to used been used probably everyone...)

2. I only started eating vegetable when I started dating Edmond. (was trying to impressed him)

3. I might not be a best friend to anyone but you can count on me on brutal honesty. ( If that fucking dress is damn ugly it would never look good on anyone even you)

4. I HATE tweens. (It's not like I'm the only one, there can be very annoying)

5. I tend to ramble when meeting new people. (Nobody can really understand whether I'm being funny or not)

6. I talk to myself in public.

7. I wash my hands almost every time I touched something. Almost like Monk but I don't really consider myself as a neat freak.

8. I almost have zero empathy, Yes I can be that ignorant.

9. I used to collect stickers.

10. I consider RATS as my arch enemy and will run for cover whenever I saw one.

There You Go... Now You can use this to blackmail me.

Some things about yourself is better hidden.

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nicole teo said...

i hate public toilets also....X(