Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kaamatan At Tadika Datuk Fung

Kaamatan Festival is One of the biggest festival celebrated in Sabah. Kaamatan or Harvest Festival is a thanksgiving festival for KadazanDusunRungusMurut around Sabah. Another way do unify us, even though we might speak different slang and not all our vocabulary is the same still we lived under one big roof and it is a waste of time to divide ourselves. By the way I find that some racist superiority is very annoying.

Kaamatan at Tadika Datuk Simon Fung was held on 28th May 2008, lots of parents attended and all the performance was entertaining. It's not everyday we see kids dressing up and dance our traditional dance right... The most entertaining was by Kidnergarten 2, perfoming a sumazau mix with shuffling and of cuz breakdance by 3 junior Bboys.

Morning Excercise!

Cheeky Brother.

Headmistress in charge.

Magunatip (did I spell that correct?) dance by K.1 Joy

From left: Brandon, Genesis, Yong2, Alden.

Clueless. LOL

The Ben10 kid really could breakdance, will upload vids later.

Doing the shuffle.

Post- party!

There's nothing more dangerous than 5 year olds

In this picture Genesis is actually showing off to his friend that he only ate chili and not ketchup. He manage to awe his audience... LOL

I dunno why he want to imitate Ronald Macdonald.

I love SABAH, I love TAMBUNAN, I love KELAWAT.

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