Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's a sick sick world we live in.

In case you guys haven't heard there's a new video spreading across the internet.
No, it's nothing funny or even new...

It's just plain old VIOLENCE.
and even worse not only the victim is a girl but she is just 16 years old.
It is very... very sad to see how easily others might treat another lives...

All the girl wanted is for her voice to be heard and yet were punished cruelly for her actions.

I will not be showing the video in my blog because I am 100% AGAINST ANY KIND OF VIOLENCE.

but to those who wish to view, here's a link.
click this

This remind me of another video about a girl killed for betraying her fiancee.
That was the worse video I saw and it make me sick to my stomach, I can't even stand to watch that until the end. I really hate it when human's life are treated cruelly, I believe everyone has a freedom for themselves to do anything they want on they freewill.


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