Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Show me The Way

I am considering giving up on some things that wouldn't change and yet my heart won't let me do it even if my brain tells me that is the only logic in this situation. Change won't happened in a day or two... change won't happened when you wished for it, change is almost impossible and maybe when that happen it might be too late.

Am i chasing a hopeless dream? Am I just in denial when I say that everything will takes time. When I have changed and yet he will not? Or am I the reason for things to be this way? All this left unanswered, and within this four walls I cried alone, unnoticed... I hate being the victim, stuck in denial when everyone can see how pathetic that is.

I deserve to be treated better but the funny thing is no one else could make me happier. I believe that I am in love, I am happy but when reality kicks me... I woke up to a nightmare and there is no way escape. Like a placebo effect, believing on something that doesn't exists.

Lighting a candle.

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