Saturday, May 16, 2009


This is the picture of my childhood friends.
Friends that used to tease me.
Friends that climbed every tree in Taman Sepanggar.
Friends that make me and Clay be watchdogs for our parents so they could talk to the boys they adore.
Friends that used to shoplift with.
Friends that will defend each other whenever in need.
They are My Friends.

I'm a skeptic sometimes of the concept or rather theory "Friendship forever" although I am guilty of singing that theme in my teens days but was forgotten when I grow up and realize that the friends you're with right now might never recognize you in the future.

But then... things might surprise you.

Congrats To Dayang Fairawanie and Rudy for their coming nuptials!!!

aiya... my friends are getting married and i feel old.


Anonymous said...

Cantik btul tu mata saya

SuicideCandy said...