Saturday, May 23, 2009

Picture Alert

Yes, I am a picture hoarder and I AM DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!
LOL... Okay, since i haven't bought an external HD i gotta delete these treasure of mine but some of them are just

LOL... I'm in the mood for self praising today so, just leave this blog if you are fucking sick viewing camwhores picture. But the truth is, i kept this picture to remind me of fond memories to make sure what i remember was real in case of temporary amnesia. LOL...

Donuts... You'll won't find it at Big Apple but that doesn't stop me craving one. While at Indonesia Wewen and I can't stop munching this delicious desert.

At a factory Outlet in Bandung. Wewen was picking out beach shorts and asking my opinion.

The Guy that sticks cardbod as a plat number.

CUTE!!!! I kept pestering Edmond to bought me this one cuz it's just too fucking cute even though I'm not a doll person, I don't mind getting this one instead for my birthday.

Wiwin, Nonok and I being emo.

My parents wedding picture, I edited it a bit. Ma and Pa look so young...

Gah... this is moi when I was 7 years old. Mom made me pose among stuff toys. There's a naked doll here with creepy eyes. Can't see it though from this edited picture.

My Cat is so Cute! Hang in there choro!

Latest Picture, taken last saturday.



GlamX said...

welcome to vanity lair..

keynamuach! said...

darl, smart gambar paling last tu.

SuicideCandy said...

WAHAHAHA... trima kaseh...