Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not a Muthafucking Angel

i've been grumpy lately probably due to stress. Today should be my last exam day but I am busy until 8.30pm FYI I haven't been getting enough sleep. Well it's normal I guess being a student.... (cross my finger I will get an OK result), but I still wish that I could rest after exam but I'm gonna be working for tonight cuz my student is sitting for exam soon and I cannot risk to cancel it.

Wewen is promising a strawberry cheese cake for me (even though wewen might not read this), and I am dying to taste one. But i am actually planning to bake one although may not be as delicious as a strawberrycheesecake I am taking that risk!

Holiday is coming and suddenly I wish that I could repeat this sem again, i feel that i can do so much more but time has passed. All we gotta do is try not to repeat mistakes (which I always seem fail to do). Anyway i'll be looking for jobs, my current job seems can't supports my living expenses, a girl gotta shop once in a while.

But holiday means spending valuable time with family and friends. Probably I try to reconcile with my old college buddies, i kinda miss them. LOL...

see ya...

Mother's day is Coming! have you forgotten?

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