Sunday, May 24, 2009

JunkYard Alert

Girls and handbags seems to be together all the time.
So probably it is true that you'll know what type of girl from her bag.

My Favorite Bag is My white Vincci bag which of course I bring everywhere since holiday started and I'm in fantasy mode where my life is similar to Paris Hilton so by bringing a cute bag will make my fantasy partly true. Sad as it may seem I seem to enjoy this fantasy.
*That's Hot* -Paris Hilton-

And this is not a complete entry without photos!!!

Yes, This is the bag. I like it so back off!!! *giggle*

This is my so-called view of (my) life.

I dunno why I bring a nail polish remover everywhere I go. Probably for emergency manicure.

This is an essential item. No 3G, No mms, No GPRS... no nothing.
Save Me.

Earphone?! This thing suppose to be in my lappie bag.

Dumpit/wallet that I keep on forgetting at odd places.

This is essential for oily skin like mine.

Even I don't get it why I need 2 makeup sponge.

My Current Fav Lipstick. I bought it for RM5 (THAT CHEAP!) and it suite me. So I'm happy.

A massager/slimmer for those that cursed with cute pot belly. LOL.

This is suppose to be on my wrist.

Scissors. HECK.. even I dunno why I need em.

A hair clip and coins. I have a bang.

A red pen and marker. Probably from tuition...

Old Tissue, candy for soar throat and reload coupon.

So if this is Room Raider, my room won't be pick.

Conclusion: My Life is pretty messed up and I am a messy Girl.

My camera should be included in this list but at that time it's in another bag. So BOOHOO.


GlamX said...

i once have bikin ubat panau in my bag and 3 screw drivers...LOL..totally an IT person la kunun.

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... This one is the better version actually, once my bag is full of toys. courtesy of nonok of cuz... LOL..

HaBBie&HaNNie said...
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Alynn said...

Lupa lakss sa tkar nama sa ba ni alyn.