Friday, May 1, 2009

I would love to see them puppies!

Happy Labor day Ya'll!!! Ya'll hardworking workers really need some holiday and hope ya'll got some appreciation from the Boss.

LOL... enough! I know that is probably the worst attempt trying to sound texan. Please forgive me, I'm asian and never been to america. LOL...

See The picture underneath?
There... the red glowing puppy...
Really... no kidding it is really Glowing RED.
Eh... You calling me a liar?
I'm not a fucking liar, you stupid MORON!!!
What! can't you see I got proof?
This is no photoshop, you dumb asshole!

See doesn't even have my trademark!
Still don't believe me?
Go check out this fucking website lar!!

1. Click this and will link you lar kima.

I'm so sorry going schizophrenic on you guys... I promise I will lock that bitch as soon as I finish this post.
LOL... Next time will introduce you guys to her.

Back to this entry... The puppy is actually puppies! 6 puppies is clone by South Korean Scientist for out health research purposes. This cute pups can actually glow in the dark!
Very convenient especially when walking in the dark but I would probably assume it is some kind of ghost and (shamely admit) pee my pants.

see ya, mr ED is waiting for moi outside.
shouting---> COME HERE LOVER BOY!
god I sound like a drunk whore.

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