Monday, May 18, 2009

I miss this Cat

I miss this Cat very much.
I should have blog about him earlier but due to my own hectic life and selfishness (i guess), I forgot and right now (insert sentimental music) missing him so much.

This is the Cat created generations of cats at My Mamatua's house and a LEGEND.
He's the first cat who is not afraid of Dogs even Tobey is afraid of him.

Born August 2003
Died May 2009

Likes : Catching rats, tailgating people, hot red head, drinking beer with Tobey, planning rave and ambush at enemy's den, napping on hot concrete floor at sunday morning.

Dislikes : Being bother, cold food, chochoro (gotta be strict on his heir), being stroke at the tummy.

Abilities : Able to keep own voice as sweet and young, able to catch birds, rats etc... Have damn cute eyes that will melt the ladies heart, muscle that can crack a bottle.

Goodbye Mimeow or si bapa....
We miss you so much.


taragang_saru said...

RIP. can drink beer? o_o

GlamX said... red head .. Omigod....that's priceless...trus ingat si Honey.. ai..i have the pic of Bapa touching Daisy...

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... yup, that's my cat he enjoy beers and women. LOL