Sunday, May 3, 2009

Go animalistic!

I dunno whether I should lough or be amaze by this pictures of weird animals.

This is gross... It's just too unreal.. dunno who photoshopped this thing.

Poor kitty, after a few days it died.

Dolphin + KillerWhale.

anyone other than me wonder how a lion and tiger combined would look like...
Well... this is the answer... It really looks odd.

Umbrella Mouth Gulper Eeel

Tasmanian Wolf

Oreo Dory

The world ugliest dog.

8 legged kitty.

For more pictures click ---> THIS!

I don't really have any information about this amazing yet very peculiar animals. Feel free to google it yourself.

see ya...


GlamX said...

don't worry...cake was not super yummy...

SuicideCandy said...

LOL!!! bagus!!!